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Spark plg wires. belive it or not. When the truck shifts into overdive (50-60 mph) Engine rpm's drop down increasing load on ignition system. spark plug wires become impotant in this range if they are leaking you will get all kinds of strage behavior "lundging" is the most common. Good luck. Justin 9/24/2005: question on F-150 engine. Justin gave a very good answer! Also, check the plugs for cracks in any of their insulators. You didn't id as a straight 6 or a V8 and what year. Check the distributor for counter weights and make sure that this mechanism moves freely and smothly by rotating the rotor shaft both clockwise and counter-clockwise. Ford and Courier products both have problems with the weights becoming very rusted in certain humidity conditions. I've had both since 1954 and 1977. Some 3-in-one oil will do the job. Another thing I've run in to is that the arm to the distributor plate will rub against the wire that goes to the coil or the ground wire for the rotating plate itself. Either action will eventually cut through the insulation and even the wire iteself if allowed to continue. This will become a very dangerous condition, especially when making a left turn across traffic!!! Mort

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Q: Besides a tps a oxygen sensor or a fuel pump what else can cause a 1994 f-150 to kinda lunge when between 50-60mph?
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