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Besides the US what other countries include American culture?

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Culture includes the religion, language, festivals, food and clothing (if it is different to popular countries). Culture does not include the industries, education, and modern needs

No. Hispanics include people from all Latin American countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Guatemala or Cuba, besides Mexico.

The main countries that explored the North American continents were Spain, France, and Great Britain. However, more European countries explored North America. They include Portugal, Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy, Russia, and Germany.

The American fashion magazine "CosmoGirl" was published starting from 1999 until 2008. Besides the American edition there were additionally several international editions in other countries available. Some examples include "United Kingdom", "China" or "Indonesia".

Britain was responsible for the colonization of several Latin American countries. These countries include Belize, Jamaica, St. Vincent, and the Grenadines.

well in many ways but some specifics include roads, archs, and aquaducts

There are so many south American countries that do not border Brazil. Some of them include Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador and many more.

Almost all countries can get tornadoes, though they are more common in some than in others. A fee countries besides the U.S. with high tornado activity include Canada, Australia, Bangladesh, South Africa, and Argentina.

A Latin American may be from several different countries. Some of these include: Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Columbia, Chile, Paraguay, and Costa Rica.

The U.S. and Canada celebrate Thanksgiving. Some countries which celebrate a similar holiday include Germany, Japan, and Liberia.

Many European countries did. They include Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and Russia mainly.

All the powerful European countries explored routes to East Asia. They include the Netherlands, Portugal, France, and United Kingdom.

Women's issues have become suddenly prominent in American culture because of recent changes in laws that affect women. These laws include healthcare options and abortion laws.

8 South American countries have a coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. They include Venzuella, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Uruguay, and Argentina.

There are many things that vary on Earth other than landforms. Some of these things include language, culture, as well as religion.

Christianity is practiced in all countries. Countries that have a Christian majority include all countries of the American continent, many European countries, southern Africa, and some other countries, such as the Phillipines. Christianity mens to be good person therefore all countries practiced it.

FD Insight and D&B are two other credit reporting agencies besides Equifax. Others include Experian Business and Business USA. All of these are American companies.

There are no countries in Antarctica.

The equator runs through some South American countries. These countries include Ecuador, Colombia, as well as Brazil. Central America is north of the equator.

Culture refers to all the values and knowledge that is shared by a given society. The different types of culture include the Western culture, the African culture, the Asian Culture and the Indian culture.

Some components of culture include values and language. With language people can express their culture to others to help spread their culture.

There are many negative effects of globalization on Latin America. These negative effects include the dilution of Latin American culture.

all of Europe, India, Middle East and Western Asia. Countries with caucasians currently as the majority include the same as of origin, the Australian continent, and both American continents.

Two countries that lie to the North of India include Nepal and Bhutan. Other countries that are North of India include China and Russia.Two countries that lie to the north of India include China and Tajikistan.

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