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Best and safest way to remove window tint?

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One of the easiest ways is to steam it off with a steamer. You can sometimes rent these. When it gets hot, it will easily peel or scrape off. This is safer and faster than using a razor blade or paying to have it done.

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How do you apply 3M window tint?

3M window tint has a sticky side that attaches to the window. Clean the window with soapy water and leave wet, arrange the tint on the window and then smooth down to remove wrinkles.

How much is window tint ticket in Florida?

Usually you are just required to remove the tint. If you refuse, then the fines will be incurred.

Is 5 percent tint illegal in Texas?

5% window tint is legal only on the back windshield. The darkest tint you can have on the passenger compartment windows is 25% which is metered at the time of inspection and if you are stopped by law enforcement. If you are stopped with illegal window tint, Texas DPS troopers will have you remove it yourself, or cut it with a razor and remove it for you.

When was window tint invented?

3m invented window tint in 1966. Madico invented window tint, 3m patented a process for making it in 1966

What products should I use to clean my car window tint?

You should use chlorox or normal detergent to clean your car window tint. You can find more information at The best thing to use to clean window tint is soap and water. Don't use amonia products because they will cause spotting. For more information, visit

What is window privacy tint and where can you purchase it?

Window privacy tint is a film installed over windows that darken and help keep sunlight out of windows. Window tint can be purchased at big box stores.

How to remove window tint?

U start off by getting a razor blade with a grip on it and spraying the window constantly with water or windows to make the tint come off easier, that when it's dry it's harder to come off, just remember after tint there's the tint glue that needs to come off to, and that could be a messy job..

How do you remove the rear window speaker panel on a 1999 Taurus?

on my 1999 Taurus I took the window tint off and I need to get at some pieces of tint that fell into the center brake light area, so how do I take out the rear speaker panel so I can get rid of all of the tint pieces. Thanks

What is car window tint made of and how do you remove it?

All window-tinting film is made of polyester and has a thickness of 2 to 7 mils. You can remove it following the instructions at

Is window tint a secondary offence or can you be strictly pulled over just for window tint?

some times, if your not careful.. you can get F**ked for window tints. Literally.

Is window tint legal in California?


What is window tint?

Window tint is a protective layer of film put on car windows to block harmful glare and UV rays

How do I fix scratches on a car tinted window?

You will have to have the window tint redone. Find a local tint shop with a good reputation.

Where do you buy window tint supplies?

You can buy basic window tint supplies at some hardware stores but for selection you should go to a window film specialty company or store

Is doing my own auto tint a bad idea?

Window tenting is something that can be done at home with little to no experience, however the results are often fair at best. If you want a good, bubble-free window tint, I would leave it to the professionals.

Will a Window tint hide scratches?

scratches on glass appear to be sort of white, so when you tint your windows dark the white shows up even more, so no window tint will not hide scratches.

Legal window tint in Georgia?


How dark can window tint on a car be in Ohio?

Here is a summary of allowed darkness and reflectivity of window tint in Ohio:

Where can someone find the light ratings of car window tint film?

There are many resources online as to where someone might find the light ratings of car window tint film. These include Solutions.3m and The Tint Center.

Can you place window tint on top of window tint to make it darker?

It can be done. The manufacturers, however, do not recommend putting film on top of film. The adhesion is not as good as that of film to glass. It would have a much greater chance of peeling off, and tint shops will not warranty this type of tint.

How much is a window tint ticket in Alabama?


How much is a window tint ticket in Ohio?


How many cars have window tint in the US?


What is the stock window tint percentage on the rear windows of a SUV's?

The OEM Tint that comes on a SUV Would be 35% side rear windows and 35% back window.

Window Tinting?

form_title=Window Tinting form_header=Window tint can remove glare from your windows while driving. What is the year, make and model of your vehicle?=_ Do you want reflective film or non-reflective film?= {(),Reflective Film,Non Reflective Film,Not Sure} What is the tint percentage that you want to go with on your windows?=_ Are any of your windows tinted already?= () Yes () No () Not Sure