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Best virtual pet sites?


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January 07, 2012 7:14PM

I know tons of good pet virtual sites:

  • icepets
  • Neopets
  • Moshi Monsters
  • AdoptMe
  • Virtualpuppies
  • foopets

The links are on the Related Links on the bottom.

Icepets is good for every age. Most members are between 14 to 25 though. It is fairly new and very lenient on all members. The staff and members are friendly and are happy to answer any of your questions. You can collect items & avatars, do quests, chat/roleplay, care for your pet and much more. You can run your own store and RS at all the different shops. There are lots of colors including storm, snow drift and pirate. You can read books to your pets which include a story you can read to yourself too! Icepets is a great place that keeps growing every day!

Neopets is good for children 12 and under.It has really optimistic looking pets and a lot of events around the year.You can have up to 4 pets and dress them up.You can join guilds and chat with friends.Neopets is a good website to start out on it is very fun if you don't mind some of the pay to play factors.Neopets usually has a plot event every year were you read the comic story and solve puzzles and play games.They have a lot of flash games on there so if you really like flash games its probably a good site for you.

Subeta is good for people 13 and up.Subeta is a website that is completely safe and it has some pretty basic rules to fallow.You have a lot more free speech on Subeta than you do on neopets.You can also make a human avatar to dress up have up to 5 pets(10 if you have a gold account)The people are very nice and you can talk to the owners of Subeta whenever you want.Sometimes they will even chat with you on the boards.Subeta is has some things in common with neopets like minions for your pets and owning shops.It doesn't have that many flash games on there and they aren't to crazy about the pay to play thing like neopets.