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The biological hierarchy is, from lowest to highest: cells, tissues, organs and organ systems, organisms, populations, communities, ecosystems, the biosphere.

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What is the definition of organization of life according to Biology?

cells, tissue,organs

What is the definition of tissue in biology of tissue in biology?

A tissue is a group of cells into a strand/cluster.

What is the organization of an organism?

cells work together to make tissue and tissue works together to form organs and organs help your systems keep you alive. CELLS, TISSUE, ORGANS, SYSTEMS.

How organs are form?

cells---> tissue---> organs ---> organ system

How do cells help organs?

Organs are made up of cells. In short, similar cells form together to make tissue. Similar tissue makes organs. Without cells, those pretty little organs of ours wouldn't exist, would they?

How tissues affect organs?

Tissue is a group of cells that forms the organs

How is a cell related to tissue and organs?

A cell is related to a tissue and organs is that a group of cells make a tissue and a group of tissues is a organ.

List four organization that combine to form an organism?

CELLS work together to make up TISSUE and tissue works together to form ORGANS and organs help your SYSTEMS to keep you alive. CELLS, TISSUE, ORGANS, AND SYSTEMS.

Cells are to tissues are to?

cells are to tissue are to organs are to organ systems are to organisms

What are facts or characteristics about organs?

A fact about organs is that you need cells and tissue to make up organs. because cells make up tissue and tissue makes up organs and organs make up organ system and an organ system makes up organism which are how humans are made up by.

What is a tissue in a body?

A tissue is a group of cells that, in large quantities, make organs.

List four levels of organization that combine to form an organism?

CELLS work together to make up TISSUE and tissue works together to form ORGANS and organs help your SYSTEMS to keep you alive. CELLS, TISSUE, ORGANS, AND SYSTEMS.

How do cells organs and tissue link?

special types of same cells make tissues which in turn form organs

What is the process of cells producing tissue and tissue producing organs and organs producing an organ system called?

Multicellular eukaryotes

What are tissue organs and organ systems made of?


How do cells work to make bodies?

cells make tissue..tissue makes organs..organs make organ systems..and organ systems make organisms..we are the organism..

Is a tissue made of lots of cells or organs?

Cells group together in the body to form tissues. Organs are the next level of organization in the body and contains at least two different types of tissue functioning together for a common purpose. Therefore, a tissue is made of cells; an organ is made of tissues; and a tissue IS NOT made of organs.

What is group of cell?

Cells form tissue, tissue forms organs, organs form organ systems. So a specific group of cells form specific tissue I.e. skin, brain etc.

What are organs and tissue made of?

it is made up of similar cells or the same cells

What does an organ system have?

simply cells make up tissue , tissue makes up organs , organs make the organ system so it basically has organs .

Is skeletal muscle tissue a cell?

Skeletal msucle tissue is just that, tissue. However every tissue in your body is made up of cells, So it is made up of skeletal muscle cells. Cells make up tissue, tissue make up organs, and organs make up oragn systems. yes it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is a muscle tissue an organ?

Cells Make Tissues, Tissues Make Organs. A muscle is a Tissue because It is a lot of tissue, but not enough to form Organs or a Organ.

How are cells tissue and organs related?

Tissues are composed of the same kind of cells, and organs are composed of several different tissues.

How do organs related to cells and tissues?

Cells are the smallest unit of life. Large groups of cells with the same purpose are called tissue, groups of tissue with the same purpose form organs, organs with similar purposes form systems and systems form organisms.

What is formed by groups of cells which work together and found in organs?

A tissue is composed of similar cells that are specialized to perform a common function(s). They can be seen with other tissue type in organs.

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