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Black leopards enemies?


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Black leopards enemies are lions and hyenas. Black leopards enemies are lions and hyenas.

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Hyenas and leopards are enemies, true, and competitors. Not just black leopards (which are rare in Africa), but all leopards.

Black panthers are black leopards, and, black jaguars.

Black leopards live in the same habitat as regular leopards. Although more rare, black leopards coexist with their normal-colored counterparts.

Maybe. Black panthers can be either black leopards or black jaguars.

Spotted leopards do, but other leopards don't - such as black leopards.

the leopard is a big cat with spots. it eats zebras, wildebeest, antelope, gazelles, baby elephants, baby giraffes & baby buffalo. hyenas and lions will attack leopard for food but some adult male leopards will attack and kill hyenas. the leopard doesn't have any enemies exept man and gorillas. unlike the cheetah the leopard will bite its prey and not suffacate it. leopards live in Africa and Asia. leopards will come in black and black leopards are called black panthers. snow leopards are a differant story they eat mountain goats and if a human comes by a snow leopard will go for them. snow leopards only have two enemies man because men hunt them for there coat and because we are making it hotter so it causes snow leopards habitat to melt and there number is dropping the snow leopards other enemy are wolves. snow leopards are hunted by man white tigers and Siberian tigers. leopards that live in Asia eat stags, baby elephant and sometimes sumatran rhinos. clouded leopards only live in eastern Asia and are much smaller than leopards. they eat hares, wild boar and baby deer. clouded leopards have many enemies man like other leopards for there coat and because of habitat distruction there other enemies are tigers, leopards and elephants. all leopards numbers are dropping to a minimum and we need to help them.

Humans are the most formidable enemy of bears. Other enemies depend on the species. For brown and black bears, they include wolves and other bears. For sloth bears, they include tigers and leopards.

Black Leopards F.C. was created in 1983.

Yes, snow leopards are a dirty white with black spots,

Melanistic leopards (aka black panthers)

leopards black leopards and cougars can run at a top speed of about 40 mp/h.

If you mean black leopards, Africa and Asia. Black jaguars in the Americas. Black leopards are especially common in Indonesia, where up to half the population is black. In Africa, black leopards are more rare, but they do occur in some regions. Black jaguars are usually found in the Amazon River regions.

Black panthers may be melanistic (black) leopards or melanistic jaguars.

tigers and lions for full grown leopards,heyenas,and black tails

yes, they are called black leopards

Yes, black leopards and jaguars.

Black leopards and Black Jaguars

The term black panther may refer to a melanistic (black) leopard or a melanistic jaguar. A leopard would have no problems getting along with another leopard even if it were black. I doubt a leopard would get along well with a black jaguar, however.

Snow Leopards are most commonly related too the normal Leopard. They have almos the same charactoristics, but their coloring isn't the same. Snow Leopards have white coats with black spots and Leopards have golden coats with black spots.

There is no species as the black panther. Black leopards would be as all leopards Panthera Pardus, Black jaguars would be as all jaguars, Panthera Onca.

The Black Widow enemies are Praying Mantis and birds

a black/brown bearThey have no enemies because they are a top preditor .

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