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Blackberry 8100 as modem on Powerbook?

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Check out the below link.

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Where is the Blackberry 8100 sold?

The Backberry 8100 can be purchases on Also, many retailers such as Verizon and AT&T sell the Blackberry 8100.

Does the blackberry 8100 have WiFi connection?


How much does the blackberry 8100 cost?

The cost of the Blackberry 8100 depends on where you are buying it and if it is new or used. It varies from $80 to $500 depending on where you get it.

Does the Blackberry Pearl 8100 have wifi?

No, Blackberry Pearl 8120 does though

How old is blackberry pearl 8100?


Download PC suit for blackberry 8100?


What is different about the blackberry 8100 from the older blackberries?

There are many differences between the blackberry 8100 and the older blackberries. The 8100 series has better quality screens, a camaraphone, more memory, chat software, etc. The 8100 series is the first model without a trackwheel, which makes it easier to use.

How do you Unlock Blackberry 8100 Pearl?

If you want to unlock your Blackberry 8100 pearl mobile phone from network lock,I would suggest you to get an unlock code from at reasonable price.

How large a memory card can the blackberry 8100 accept?


Is color-pearl only for the blackberry pearl 8100?


Where can a Blackberry 8100 Pearl be purchased?

There are many different places one can purchase a Blackberry 8100 Pearl. One of the best places is at a local cell service provider's store, such as Verizon.

Does Blackberry 8100 PEARL have blackberry messanger?

Yes but you might have to download it off Blackberry App World. You get app World on Blackberry by downloading it from the blackberry website. You can do this from your computer or from the internet on your blackberry.

Can a blackberry be used as a modem for your computer?

It depends what type of computer you have.You can use your blackberry as a modem,but not very likely.

What are the reviews for the Blackberry 8100?

Generally, the Blackberry 8100 is considered to be a good phone for quick and easy email access, and is conveniently sized smaller than the average Blackberry. However, it doesn't have the functions of a lot of other smart phones, and can be complicated to use.

Where can you get a blackberry pearl 8100 Panic at the disco case on the internet?


Blackberry Battery?

Extend your BlackBerry 8100's use time with BoxWave's new ElectraSpan Extended Battery! It is a high capacity rechargeable lithium ion (Li-Ion) battery that is specifically designed for your BlackBerry 8100. With up to 200% the use time of a standard battery, the ElectraSpan extended battery is the essential accessory for BlackBerry 8100 users who can't or don't want to worry about missing a charge.

Is the blackberry 8100 a good phone for businesses?

The blackberry 8100 is a smartphone. All smart phones are good phones for business. If you plan on using the internet then this is your phone. You will be able to check things in a hurry and always have access to you email.

What is the newest model of the blackberry mobile phone?

BlackBerry has many models which are frequently being upgraded. Some of the newest models include the BlackBerry Pearl 8100, the BlackBerry Curve 8310, and the BlackBerry 8800 Smartphone.

Can a Blackberry Tour be used as a wireless modem?

Not for the intenet like your thinking. You need to ether buy a modem from your local store or rent one from your provider. No phone including blackberry tour can be used as a modem.

What cell phone does Michael Weston use in season 3?

Blackberry Perl 8100

How many colors does the screen of a Blackberry Pearl 8100 display?

The Blackberry Perl has a full color screen. In this case, that means 64K Colours.

How do I connect a Blackberry 8100 wireless internet?

Not all blackberry pearls have the feature to access the internet. But if yours does goto Options and then click wireless settings

How can you get your bbm pin on a blackberry 8100?

main menu - settings - status - pin 9there u have it)

What is the most popular model of Blackberry Pearl phone?

The BlackBerry phones are one of the most innovative phones created. According to some reviews found online, the most popular BlackBerry Pearl model is the BlackBerry Pearl 8100.

How do you access MySpace on t mobile blackberry 8100?

Open up bbBrowser and point it to :)