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Blood when you go to the toilet?

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Go see your doctor as soon as possible. If this continues, go to the emergency room.

Except if you are a girl, around the age of puberty. then, go to the shops and get yourself some supplies.

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Why when im on my period does the toilet have so much blood in it?

When you're menstruating blood is leaving your vagina, thus when you go to the toilet the blood is dripping into the toilet and when you urinate the blood is running over your vulva and washing away the blood with it. It's no more complicated than that, the toilet has blood in it because you're bleeding into it.

What does it mean if you have brown stuff in your undies and then you go to the washroom and pee with no blood in the toilet only on the toilet paper?

it means your sick

Blood in toilet?

Blood in the toilet may come from a bleeding ulcer or even from hemorrhoids that are bleeding. You might also find blood in the toilet if you are menstruating.

If your a girl and you go to the toilet and do poos then wipe and theres blood is that my period?


How do you no if you have started your period?

Blood comes as you go to the toilet...don't ask those questions ;)

Blood on toilet paper after having bowel movement?

Were you constipated? If not, go to the doctor and get that checked out

Why is there blood stains on the toilet bowl?

Women remove their tampons above the toilet this means that blood leaks out of their vagina.

When i went to the toilet this morning i noticed a small amount of red blood on the toilet roll. I am 19 weeks pregnant is this normal What should i do?

You should go to your doctor

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Can you get HIV from blood in urine with a hand wound in the toilet?

It would be almost impossible to get HIV from blood in urine with a hand wound in the toilet.

What if a person had a bowel movement and there was a amount of blood in toilet that turned the toilet water red this happened to twice today?

go to and search up parasites on google go to and search up parasites on google

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No blood when wiping but the next time there is why?

Why spot of blood on toilet tissue after peeing.

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When i go pee i see streaks of blood in the toilet and when i wipe down there i see blood on the toilet paper and kinda a lot..did i start my period?

If you are female, aged 10 to 13 and about 100 pounds, then very probably. Discuss this with your mother, who will have been expecting this sooner or later.

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