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Bloody beagles ear?


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I'd say time for a vet check. If it looked like gummy waxy bloody ear wax that stinks your beagle probably has an ear infection. If you can clean it out with a q-tip and it looks brownish-redish and is solid like ear wax you need to get an antibiotic (farming stores sell meds, or if you can't dose or don't know where to start a vet can help). If it is runny liquid, and actually blood it is vet time, something may have ruptured like an ear drum.

We raise beagles and ear infection is pretty common amongst them. They show few other symptoms besides waxy stinky brownish red crusty to gummy ear wax, ours usally will paw at their ears or rub there head on the floor.

We use a powdered antibiotic that is actually for pnuemonia and respitory infections on our beagles for most colds, it cost six dollars for about a year supply at our local farm and fleet. I am afraid to give out the name because if you miss use or over use it it can make your dog sick, or cause crystals in there bladder and urine, or an overdose cna could cause death.

I grew up on a farm so finding antibiotics and measuring doses for size isn't a issue, but we also do 99% of all our own shots for our dogs. You may want to look online at some vet med sites and look at what the active ingredients are and see what you can find that has the same ingredients, a good starting point. But if you don't have the know how, ask a vet to be safe.