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Well I had the same problem, on a cross country trip, and I blew a spark plug in the middle of nowhere Tennessee. I took it to a for dealer and the suggested a new head, explained to them money was short and time was shorter and they found out that Ford make a repair kit for this, but it comes with no warranty. I opted for that repair ( $800 ) and a year later it still running like a champ. so you might want to fid out if you could have this done. Let me know your outcome. at

From what you're saying (Tennessee), it sounds like the spark plug didn't just foul that time, but that it must have been blown clear out of the engine. If a spark plug has stripped out the threads in the cylinder head, a new plug cannot simply be put in. You can have the whole head removed and worked on, and that is apparently what the dealer suggested.

This is the recommended fix, but a lot of work is involved. Once the head is removed, a threaded insert can be installed, and that's what will hold the new spark plug.

The other option is that the threaded insert can be inserted into the head right where it is. This is a much cheaper fix and much quicker too. But here's the problem: A lot of times, putting in the insert causes chips and little pieces of metal shavings to fall into the combustion chamber. When you turn the key and start the engine, either one of two things will happen: either (1) those chips will fly harmlessly out the exhaust valve and your engine will run like a champ again, or (2) the chips will bounce up and down in the cylinder, causing serious internal damage.

Some mechanics will tell you, OK we can do it the cheap way if you want, but you're taking the chance on your engine. That is why they would say there is no warranty. I do not know exactly what was done to your Expedition in Tennessee. If you can post the kit number or description of the repair that was written on the work order, that may say exactly that they did.

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Q: Blown spark plug: What is the SAFE thing to do to repair?
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