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Blue and black nautical stars symbolize a sailor's love for and loyalty to the sea. Nautical stars in general have long been symbols of protection.

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Q: Blue and black nautical stars mean?
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What does green and black nautical stars mean?

Green and black Nautical star tattoos to my knowledge are a symbol for Irish strength and diversity

What does a purple and black nautical star mean?

Nautical stars are popular tattoos. The nautical star was originally a symbol for sailors but in present times, despite color, they do not have a meaning.

What does the blue and black nautical star mean?

safe passage home -shaggy5150

What do the different colors such as red-and-black and blue-and-black mean on nautical stars?

PORT side of a ship while you are on it, looking Forward, is the LEFT SIDE. Yes, Red is on the PORT SIDE. Blue is for starboard or (right side). -Sailor, U.S.N. Red and black nautical stars are for port side of a ship (right side). Green and black starts are starboard (right side of ship). As for the other colors, they are probably just a spin-off of an old school tattoo.

What does three nautical stars mean?

Three nautical stars on a tattoo often mean that someone has lost a friend or family member at sea. This tattoo is seen on members of the Navy as well as on civilians.

What happens when stars get together do they make a black hole?

If you mean the stars smashing together:Yes AND No, yes if the stars are neutron stars, they'll go supernova and cause a black hole.. or if the stars are white dwarf and bigger stars,no if the 2 stars are yellow main sequences. if main sequence yellows they'll make a blue star or a blue straggler.

What do nautical stars tattoo stars mean?

You need to have two nautical stars tattoo. One is for to find your way in life and the other one is for luck. So they both have to be the same sizes and color.

What do the stars on the knuckles tattoo mean?

Tattoos of stars on knuckles can have different meanings to them. They can have a nautical meaning or they can just be decorative.

What does it mean if you have the nautical star tattoo on the back of your arm?

mostly that you like nautical stars and that you wanted a tattoo on the back of your arm.

What does blue and red colors of stars when looking from afar mean?

Blue stars are hot. Red stars are cool.

What does 2 nautical stars tattoo on the chest mean?

Two nautical stars on a Sailor's chest can mean a multitude of things, they are similar in meaning to the dual swallows tattoo. Usually each one represents an ammount of time spent out to sea, or distance travled. For example, each one is worth so many thousand nautical miles, or months to sea.

What does it mean if you get stars on the back of your neck?

What do the stars on the back of the blue navy uniforms mean? The stars on the cape of the uniform for lack of a better word.

What does black and blue mean?

It means you are bruised - bruises are black and blue in color.

What does a blue star in space mean?

Blue stars are generally the hottest and brightest.

Does a nautical star tattoo on each arm mean you are gay?

Not necessarily. It means whatever you want it to mean. It was originated by sailors who commonly used the stars to guide their way home. They used the nautical star tattoo to help symbolize a safe trip home.

What do stars mean in nautical tattoos?

I'm not sure myself what the neutical star means up until not to long ago, but I do have one on my forearm and I'm definetly not a lesbian. I got the tattoo just because it was something I loved to draw constantly and decided to make it permanent on my body. All stars: black, blue, nautical, etc. DO NOT MEAN THAT A PERSON IS GAY. If you wanted a "gay" tattoo... you would get a rainbow, an upside-down triangle, etc. Butterflies, roses, stars, or anything else does not stand for gay pride. Gay people already have a rainbow to represent them. They don't get to choose what else represents them. It's not fair to all the straight people who got a symbol of a black star (me) and was told later that it meant that I was gay. Stop making up stuff. Our tattoos represent something special to each of us.

Are red stars cooler than blue stars?

yes they are, in fact, white stars a hotter than blue or red star, and blue stars are varie in sizes, red stars are usually mid size or red giants or super giants. the bigger they are does not mean they are hotter!

What does the blue mean on the America flag?

There is no true meaning to the blue on the American flag. Betsy Ross added the blue to make the stars brighter. The original flag was read and had red stars.

What does the blue around the stars on the us flag mean?


What does it mean if you have two nautical stars tattoo on your chest?

It means your tatoo artist run out of ink. Maybe even your wallet ran dry.

What is the meaning of 2 nautical star tattoos on your chest?

The meaning of 2 nautical star tattoos on your chest can mean a number of things. There are no standard meanings for tattoos, it is up to the person getting tattooed. Often nautical stars are used as symbols of moving forward, or of being able to follow your path.

What do blue and gold star tattoos mean?

That the person who gets it likes stars and the colors blue and gold...

What does a nautical star tattoo on each arm mean?

What does the nautical star tattoo mean

What do star tattoos mean?

"it meens you like stars" Alot of the Star tattoo's are Nautical stars, It seems A LOT of people now a days have no clue the meaning behind them but get them done to be trendy/cool.

Why are the 50 stars on an American flag set on a blue background?

the 50 stars mean all the 50 states in the US

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