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Blue money is based on a ture story What are facts behind it?

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A fictional story passed on from generation to generation and is based on facts is called a folktale.

No, it's not based on a true story or real facts. It's fictional, they made it up.

Real life story behind the movie "scarface"

The film is based on facts .

Of course it is not. It is a story, a fairy tale.

One example of a fact story is a story based on the proven life of a particular person. It is considered a fact story because it is based on all facts and not opinions.

That it was an actual event but it wasn't based on a true story though.

The movie it's self is a work of fiction. However the story behind it is based on a true story.

Nowhere, since the Paranormal Activity movies are entirely fictional. There is no "true story" behind them.

yes it was a true story from a long time ago except for extremely small changes

how the author of aeneid deliver tne message behind the story

At the end of concluding a mystery or pointing out something based on previous actions or facts.

no it is not ****** The Highwayman, a poem by Alfred Noyes, is not based on a particular legendary story. But it is loosely based on all the stories, tales, and facts relating to the activities of highwayman - common thieves that preyed on travellers and coaches on the highways of England.

well if you mean in the story yes of course she is real but if you mean in reality nothing is based on real facts in the story.

Maybe because I just watched the movie and at the end they gave you some facts (i don't wanna give it away) that made it seem like it was based on a true story

The only fact about the Exodus story is, there are no facts to support it.

The responsibility of journalism is to tell the whole story. The whole story must be based on the facts of the story: the who, why, what, when and where, plus possibly how, so that the story can build its own drama.Not only are facts to be established, but facts must also be checked, meaning that a separate source must be found to verify the original source's fact.Finally, in order to tell the whole story, several points of view -- vantage points/ sides must be included, so that the story can reflect the entire situation.Otherwise, the story can be categorized as fiction.

Its a song about a woman who was cheating on him. Its not based on a true story, its just a song.

There isn't any. Paranormal Activity (2007) is not based on a true story.

No story. The introduction is very loosely based one on the director's childhood experiences. No actual homicidal event was the basis for this movie.

a non-fiction book is a book based on facts while fiction is made up.a non fiction is when a story is real.D.A short story

No it is a historical fiction book based on some of the facts of the American revolutionary war.

Non-fiction is a book that is real, and written based on facts. Fiction can be based on a true story or event, but it is made-up.

The Trojan horse story is told to be a myth. This means that it is a made up story, possibly loosely based on some facts from long ago.

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