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Body parts of cow?

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A cow has body parts that other animals do. They have a head, legs, a stomach, a torso and everything else.

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What are the Body parts of a male cow?

egg cow

What parts of the body of a cow use for getting food?

What's body parts of the cow used for getting and eating it's food

How many body parts does a cow have?


What body parts are in a cow?

the same parts that are in a human body. (exept for the 2nd and 3rd stomach)

Is cow liver the same thing a cow heart?

No there 2 different body parts

How many body parts in a cow?

Over 100.

What body part used for cow?

All body parts are essential for use by a cow. Not one particular body part is needed over the rest.

Does parmeasan cheese contain cow rectum?

No, of course not! Parmesan cheese comes from milk from a cow, not any body parts of a cow.

What is cow penis used for?

Cows are the female of the species and don't therefore have male body parts.

Body parts of cow for getting food?

Mouth, teeth and tongue, just like any animal.

What body parts of cow get their food?

Those animal with FLAT TEETH๐Ÿฆท like carabao, cow and rabbit eat

What animals is gelatin made from?

Gelatine is made from cow and pig, of body parts such as the bones, tendon, cartlidge and hooves. =]

Do cow lungs have the same components as humans?

Yes, they are. Many mammals are used in the study of humans and their body parts.

What is the body structure used fora cow?

The body structure of a cow is similar to most of the other mammals. The main parts of the body include the muzzle, limbs, tails, head, horns, internal organs including the four chambers of the stomach and much more.

Breathing process of cow?

The breathing process of cow is not so complicated. It uses the lungs as the main organ for respiration. Oxygen is supplied to various parts of the body through the lungs.

What is beef and its parts?

a cow

What are the mouthparts of a cow?

The mouth-parts of a cow are the exact same as a human's.

What does gelitan contain?

cow parts

What part of the cow does hamburgermeat come from?

Hamburger is from all parts of the cow, usually it is from the parts that are cut off while cutting the steaks and roasts.

How is cow urine bad?

Cow urine is a boon for humanity actually not bad. Cow urine contains various elements which are present in our body and required by our body.

Image of the external parts of a cow?

here it is...

Does a cow have microorganisms?

Yes. A lot of microorganisms or microflora are found in the cow's rumen and cecum, as well as all other parts of her body, outside and inside.

Normal body temperature of cow boffalo and horse?

The normal body temp. of cow and boffalo is 101.5 degree F

What body parts are common to both cow and carabaos?

Everything, really. What a carabao has a cow has as well. Why? Because they're closely related, they both belong in the Bovinae subfamily even though they don't share the same Tribe nor Genus.

How many ribs in cow?

An adult cow has 13 pairs of ribs in its body.