Bolo bolo tell tell helloo ki kiya?

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Actually, it's not in Hindi, it's in Punjabi. Loosely translated, it means "Tell me, tell me, tell, tell, hello, what's up?"
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What is a bolo?

\n. \n Bolo \n. \nA bolo is a western type tie, consisting of a rope or cord fastened at the neck, usually with a decorative stone or jewel. \n. \nIt also stands for the law enforcement phrase Be On the Look Out. It is also known as an All Point Bulletin.

Who is bolo bolo's author?

Keith Laumer is the author of the Bolo! book. Keith Laumer servedin the United States Air Force and was a science fiction writer.

What year and by who was the Bolo Bat invented?

The bolo bat was actually invented by Ceaser Augustus but with the fall of the Roman empire the knowledge was nearly forgotten.In 1068 whilst copying a manuscript a monk by the name of Marcus Carter came upon a description of the bolo bat. The monk thought it would be a good way to take care of pena ( Full Answer )

How is bolo used?

" BOLO " is law enforcement slang for " B e O n The LO okout for" - some agencies use instead, the acronym " LOF " as in " L ook O ut F or."

What does bolo stand for?

It is a law enforcement term and stands for Be On the Look Out . It is issued when officers are trying to find someone or something.

How old is Bolo Yeung?

Martial artist Bolo Yeung is 71 years old (born Yang Sze , July 3, 1946).

What is police bolo?

"BOLO" stands for "Be on the lookout for", and is commonly used on police radios to shorten time when issuing a lookout on a vehicle and/or person.

What does the Samoan word tasi bolo mean?

Bolo is slang for testicles and tasi means "one". Edit: Samoa does not have "B" in its alphabet. So the word would be "polo". "Tasi polo" is "One ball".

Did Bruce Lee fight Bolo Yeung?

They fought in the movie Enter the Dragon.. that was in the years bolo had won weight lifting competition and his constitution was massive.

Will a M1917 bolo knife fit in to a m1910 bolo knife scabbard?

yes there is a hole in the 1917 bolo knife handle that lines up where the latch was on the model 1910 knifes so that the 1917 bolo knifes could be used with the M 1910 model sheaths -- other than the latch --the basic knifes shape and size are a match

What is ncis bolo?

B e O n the L ook O ut. An all-points bulletin (APB) is a broadcast issued from one US law enforcement agency to another. Basically: It's telling other Agencies to help them find someone or something (such as a vehicle) wanted.

What is the meaning of the acronym BOLO?

Its a police term usually used over the radio. Its short for Be On the LOokout. Most departments in the US now use APB - All Points Bulletin. Both terms are used to have police look intently for a particular person or vehicle.

What region of the philippines is suggested by the Kris and bolo?

the kris is definitely more popular in southern philippines where it is called kalis. the bolo is the filipino word for machete, which is used for agricultural purposes and as a weapon. more popular in central luzon and in the tagalog region. for info on Balintawak and Pugad Lawin, just type the wo ( Full Answer )

What color is a bolo dolphin?

The Bolo Dolphin is the only "pink" dolphin. It lives in a river and is a unique animal.

What is the value of a World War 2 Japanese bolo knife?

I don't know the value of it, but if it is Truly vintage, then itwill cost a LOT on the market, first you will have to get itauthenticated, then you can put it on the market, Hope This Helps:)

Do bolos for scouts have to be scout related?

That is a bit complicated. The Boy Scout Uniform Inspection Sheet states, "the troop/team may vote to wear a neckerchief, bolo tie or no neck wear." The Scout Leader Uniform Inspection Sheet says, "neckwear is optional but must be worn according to specifications in the insignia guide." Th ( Full Answer )

Como é um bolo de fraldas descartáveis?

Receita: Coloque 2 fraldas descartáveis no batedor de bolos, junte farinha, sal, açucar, fermento, deixe descansar por duas horas, e coloque em forno médio por cerca de 2 horas.

Who issues a BOLO?

Directors of an Agency are usually the ones to issue an official, wide-spread BOLO. But anyone who commands a team can alert their team to be on the look out for someone.

How do you know if you have a bolo?

the first sign is flashing lights behind you. besides that you can go to your local police department and ask.

What is the value of World War 1 bolo knife?

I had one given to me today that is in nice condition. It is an extraordinary knife if you have not seen one, but evidently they were very common and are not worth much. I saw one listing a few minutes ago for $19.95 It is surprising that something so old and well built is worth so little to collect ( Full Answer )

Where can you find Bolo Bulacan and what is it?

Bolo, Bulacan is found in Manila. It's name is strange, because it's name is given by the spaniards... Now, it's name is Valenzuela city ... :) I hope you like (:

When was the body builder Bolo Yeung born?

Bolo Yeung was born as Yang Sze on July 3, 1946. He was born in Guangzhou, China. He began martial arts at the age of ten, training in his hometown, and began body building in his twenties.

How is a bolo tie different from a regular necktie?

A bolo tie is a leather string a regular neck tie is a cloth that people tie into a know around their neck. The origin of the bolo tie is american the neck tries can be traced to Europe.

Who is bolo?

Featured in many science fiction novels, a bolo is a fictional superheavy tank which is controlled by artificul intelligence. The first person to introduce these tanks was Keith Laumer.

Where is the concept of the Bolo Tank introduced?

The Bolo Tank is a fictional super heavy tank with artificial intelligence. The tank was first thought of by Keith Laumer, and the tank has been in science fiction novels ever since.

What are the characteristics of bolo ties?

The characteristics of Bolo ties include: longevity, easy wearing comfort, high quality material craftsmanship, authenticity, superior finish and the finest manufacturing.

What movie and television projects has Jean Bolo been in?

Jean Bolo has: Performed in "Laure" in 1969. Played Douglas in "Fortune" in 1969. Performed in "La cavale" in 1971. Performed in "La nuit bulgare" in 1972. Performed in "Le futur aux trousses" in 1975. Played The Manager in "Le jardinier" in 1981.

What actors and actresses appeared in Koning Bolo - 1977?

The cast of Koning Bolo - 1977 includes: Maya Bouma as Werkster Sopsina Wim de Meyer as Dief Arie de Penarie Ingeborg Elzevier as Petemoei Ferd Hugas as Oeps, butler Theo Koomen as Verslaggever Elsa Lioni as Philomien Henk Molenberg as Graaf Aksan Sierkonflex Theo Pont as Simon Soepel Lou Steenberge ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Bolo Gaseirneba - 2012?

The cast of Bolo Gaseirneba - 2012 includes: Kakha Abuashvili as Tengo Kabu as Tengo Zura Begalishvili as Taxi driver Tazo Cxakaia as Luka Tina Dalakishvili as Tika Levan Doborjginidze as Gio Sandro Kakulia as Sandrik Giorgi Kipshidze as Giorgi Levan Korinteli as Police officer Nutsa Kukhianidze as ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in B comme Bolo - 1994?

The cast of B comme Bolo - 1994 includes: Laurence Ashley as Jessica Antoine Basler as Le commis Jean Carmet as Bolo Denise Chalem as Mme Ackerman Jean Cortot as Le serveur russe Franck de la Personne as Brakowski Michel Field as Max Sydney Harrison as Jeanne Max Morel as Sam Belin Alexie Ribes as U ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Bolo - 2013?

The cast of Bolo - 2013 includes: Julie Brann as Prostitute Eileen Chase as Ida Erin Elizabeth Cook as Waitress Leslie Hensley as Drunk Girl Rathe Holmes as Polly Cathleen Housley as Connie Leiman Kara Lee as Timmy Danny Marroquin as Tito Pizetti Paul Miner as Lemmy James Nghiem as Mike Christina Or ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Bolo Raam - 2009?

The cast of Bolo Raam - 2009 includes: Bhupesh as Havaldar Monish as Kid Muskaan as Teacher Karma Bawa as Vicky Rishi Bhutani as Raam Kaushik Dharmendra Chandel as Mangal Pandey Sarita Dcruz as Ruchi Savita Goyal as Teacher Harish Harioadh as Pandit Alpa Joshi as Teacher Milind Joshi as Teacher Dils ( Full Answer )

What does the police term bolo mean?

"Bolo" is an acronym for "Be On the Look Out". For example, if a blue Honda Civic with a broken right headlight was used in the commission of a crime, the police might issue a "bolo" for it, which means all units would be looking out for a blue Honda Civic with a broken right headlight.

Do bolo mean that you have a warrant?

No. It is a police contraction for Be On the LOokout. Not really, you are just looking for some one you may want information from.

Can a bondsman put out a bolo on a vehicle?

A BOLO is put into the system by dispatch, usually off of anofficer's request. A bondsman is neither dispatch, nor a law enforcement officer, sono, they have no such ability.