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Bone and fat are what kinds of tissue?


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connective tissue.

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Yes, the hard tissue and the Bone marrow

You cant break your ear as it is not a bone and it is simply fat and tissue :)

It is called Bone Marrow.... there are different kinds of bone marrow one that stores fat is called Yellow Marrow and the marrow that stores blood is called Red Marrow......

Red bone marrow. Yellow bone marrow acts as a storage for triglycerides and fat.

Examples of connective tissues include bone, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and adipose (fat) tissue.

No the butt is not a bone it is muscle and fat tissue. You can however break your tail bone which is directly above your butt

yellow marrow in the medullary cavity

Connective tissue binds and supports other tissue. Connective tissue are specialized even further to support cartilage, bone, fat, and even blood cells.

Types of connective tissue would include all of these except blood. This is not a type of connective tissue like bone and muscle.

nerve skin (epithelial) muscle fat bone

blood, ligaments, bone, cartilage, tendons, and fat

bones are made out of bone marrow and tissue bones are made out of bone marrow and tissue bones are made out of bone marrow and tissue

The diaphysis is the main or midsection (shaft) of a long bone. It is made up of cortical bone and usually contains bone marrow and adipose tissue (fat).

The yellow marrow in the medullary cavity in long bones functions as a fat storage area.

Bones are made up of bone tissue. Although there are several bone tissue structures.

The human body is composed mostly of soft tissue (muscle, tendons, ligaments, fat) but the only hard tissue is bone.

Bone tissue is correctly referred to as osseous tissue.Osseous tissue is a type of connective tissue.

Bone Remodeling does not affect compact bobe, but it DOES affect Spongy bone tissue.

There is epithelial tissue which covers and lines, connective tissue which connects to other tissues such as muscles to bone, muscular tissue which contracts and moves, nervous tissue which carries information, osseous which makes bone, blood tissue which makes three types of blood cells, and adipose tissue which stores fat.

the connective tissues protects the fat, bone, cartilage and alot more

Bone is a connective tissue.

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