Bone problems and dentures

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dear linda i have the same problem and i am also 49 years old i can t believe that i am not the only one i am having a nervous breakdown over this problem i am going to see a prosthodonist in two months to see wath my other options are i already went to see an oral maxofacial surgeon and was told that i need bone grafthing due to bone lost and should do implants but its a major operation and really have no choices if i want to bea able to eat and things are only going to get worse if i don t do anything about it we have no choice please write to me back i would like to share my opinion with yu later jocelyne test

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Q: Bone problems and dentures
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What should you do if the CPR victim has dentures?

If the dentures are not causing you problems, leave them in. If they are interfering with the breaths or are loose and may lodge in the throat, you will need to remove them.

At what point should one pay the cost to reline dentures?

Every 5 Years your Dentures should be adjusted and realined. Failing to do so will cause your Jaw Bone to begin to receed at a advanced rate. This is exspensive yes, but a must have if you wear dentures.

Why do collagen problems lead to bone problems?

collagen fibers are part of the bone tissue

Who was the president that had dentures made of lead ivory and bone?

George Washington, sorry no wooden teeth ever.....

What is the best type of dentures if your gums have worn down?

That's because of bone loss-you could see if implant supported are doable-still takes a certain amount of bone but much better than regular dentures and you only need about 4 implants per arch

When you have your teeth extracted and wait for three months will your mouth droop at first when you put on your dentures?

no , not as long as you have a jaw bone.

cost of dentures?

the cost of dentures COST OF DENTURES

what is the cost of dentures?

The cost of dentures is $400 What is the cost of dentures?

Who can modify my new uppers that my dentist can't male to fitThey wabble then fall off--EE?

I wish I knew whether it was a general dentist that you talked to or someone who specializes in dentures? There are a few reasons that you may be having a problem: your dentures need to be relined, your bone has eroded and your dentures have nothing to "grab" (that is a problem I had) or the dentures were made improperly. I found a place for you to go to for a free consultation. If the determination is that your bone has receded you may have to get some implants put in to hold your dentures in place (they're great even though not the most fun procedure I've ever had lol). Contact Affordable Dentures 301 Southeast Loop 338 in Odessa, (432) 580-5551

Whats better implant dentures or regular dentures?

Implant dentures are better than regular dentures but it there is a catch. The catch about the Implant dentures are they are more expensive than the regular dentures.

What are Dentures on implants?

Dentures on implants are when an oral surgeon places posts inside the bone and the denture is screwed to the implants. The denture is then not removable, except by a dentist. This usually done on lower dentures for patients that do not have a lot of bone and do not tolerate a lower denture well.ANOTHER ANSWER:The denture is removable because the denture rests on the implants, which typically snap into the denture, holding the denture securely. The denture can and should be removed daily for cleaning.

do you repair dentures?

do you repair dentures?

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