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Just had this problem myself on my 206. The lever in car was not opening bonnet. Had no idea whether it was the lever, cable or lock. The car was taken to it to garage to be fixed. Was told that the catch/lock mechanism had totally ceased- was shown the old lock and it had indeed beyond any DW40 assistance. When I asked how they managed to get bonnet open to find out what was wrong, was told that that there is a way of doing this by going underneath the car and taking out (unscrewing) lock mechanism which should release bonnet albeit with lock attached. Imagine that this is an awkward job given that the 206 has no front grill that can make access to lock easier. But it might be a start in terms of finding out whats wrong. The cost of the job was £60. On another note, I have had a 206 for less than a year and have to say given the increasing catalogue of things that have gone wrong and mainly silly things (heater, indicator unit, water leaking onto driver side back seat) which from looking on other Peugeot sites appear to be common problems, I m not that impressed with this car at all. Need less to say I m really looking forward to taking it through its MOT in a few months time.

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Q: Bonnet catch is broken on your Peugeot 206 how do you open the bonnet?
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Peugeot 306 bonnet catch doesn't open bonnet How do I rectify?

have you tried getting sum 1 to push dawn on the bonnet and puling the lever ??

How do you open the bonnet of a Peugeot 106?

there is a lever under the glove box on passenger side release this then under your bonnet theres a catch to the right side of the peugeot lion release this then bonnet goes up automatic.

Where is the peugeot 205 bonnet release lever?

the bonnet release lever on my 1991 205 is underneath the glovebox on the side by the door, and when the bonnet pops open, there is a small catch roughly in the centre, push it up (towards the bonnet) and pull the bonnet open.

How do you open the bonnet on your seat leon the under bonnet catch does not release the bonnet?

Release the main bonnet catch on the steering wheel column. Push the bonnet catch in the front grill once and it'll come out half way, then pull the half out catch to open the bonnet.

Where is bonnet catch on citroen berlingo?

were is the bonnet catch on a citroen berlingo

How do you get the bonnet open when the catch has broken and there is no cable to get hold of - Renault Grand Espace?

If you want to get the bonnet open when the catch has broken and the is no cable to get hold of the Renault Grand Espace; use the screwdriver to PUSH the catch from right to left.

Where is the bonnet release catch on a peugeot 206 cc?

under the passenger seats foot well

How do you open the bonnet in VW Fox?

Volkswagen bonnet catch

How do you open bonnet of a peugeot 307 sw?

on the passenger side under the glovebox there's a handle.push towards front of car.lift the bonnet a touch and just to the left of centre slide the catch to the left

How do you open the bonnet of a Toyota RAV4?

pull the bonnet catch in the car you plonker

How do you open bonnet broken bonnet cable seat Toledo?

The bonnet catch is in the foot well on the passenger side near the door but high up. Pull it to release the catch then put your fingers between the gap of the slightly open bonnet lid in the middle. You will find a small plate that needs to pushed up ton release the lid.

How do you open bonnet of 206 1999?

On the left hand side of the front passengers' foot well there is a lever that pulls towards you. Once you've done that there is a catch under the front bonnet, just above the peugeot badge, which moves up to release the bonnet completely.

Cannot open bonnet on vauxhall vectra?

the catch is on the undernath left of the sign when standing in front of the car. it is a plastic catch flush with the bonnet. work along from centre pushing up and you will open bonnet. catch is different to a convential car as it is flush with bonnet and made of plastic.

Where is the catch to open the bonnet in a vauxhall corsa 1998?

if its the lever, that's beside the drivers knee. the catch in the bonnet is just inside the lip of the bonnet to the left of the badge above the bumper

How do you open the bonnet of a Peugeot 307 Lx Hdi?

its hard to find the interior catch. its in the passenger footwell, near the outer wall, right under the glovebox. its hidden well up there, but its there. pull it, and the bonnet will pop....

How do you open the bonnet on a Ford Escort?

Bonnet release on escorts is usually on the underside if the steering column, below the steering wheel. The bonnet will pop and then you have to do the bonnet release catch around the badge on the front grill.

How do you open bonnet on ford focus with faulty bonnet catch?

a long reach screw driver through the grill to release the catch,

Where is the bonnet lever on a 406?

The bonnet, (hood) release catch on my 98 406 GLX is on the drivers side (UK) under dash on right hand side wall. Pull hook type lever, when bonnet has released find lever on front of grill to the right of Peugeot emblem and lift up.

How do you open the bonnet of your citroen saxo vtr The under bonnet catch won't open the bonnet?

i think it under the glove compartment on the passengers side ( red handle )

Where is the bonnet release on a vauxhall astra 1.6sxi 2003?

to the right of the accelarator pedal, small black lever. or do you mean the bonnet catch ? about 12cm to the right of the centre of the bonnet.

Where Citroen c5 where is bonnet catch release?

The release is on under the steering wheel, near the driver's door. Once released, the bonnet catch is to the right of the center, just above the grille. Slide it to the right to pop the bonnet.

How do you open the bonut?

pull the bonnet catch

Where is the bonnet release catch on a Peugeot 206?

Passenger side, on the left side of leg room area. (right hand drive car)

Where is the release button on bonnet lock y reg transit?

Insert ignition key into front grille just beneath the bonnet turn anti clockwise to release bonnet and turn clockwise to release safety catch and lift bonnet

How do you open bonnet when release cable becomes unattached from engine catch?

Reach up from under car hold cable and push toward bonnet catch

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