Books for 12 year old girls?

A great book is "are you there god? its me margret" I read this when i was 12 and really think it helped me learn alot about growing up.

If you are into fantasy, you could read Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins and the sequel Demonglass. It has a little bit of romance, but overall it's about her personal life and her troubles because of what she is. I really like the book, and I think you would too.

If you like modern mythology, the Percy Jackson series is good and the Lost Hero series. Also, you can read the Red Pyramid series all by Rick Riordan.

I wouldn't recommend the Twilight series, because I really don't like reading about vampires, but if that is what interests you, that is another possibility.

There are many other books, just go to the library and talk the librarian. They will most definitely help you out.