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== == The phrase "as is " means NO WARRANTY, no GURANTEE. You have just learned a valuable life lesson, which is "when you buy something cheap, expect to get what you paid for it".

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Q: Bought car AS IS 6hrs 440 miles later car stalled transmission shot is there a consumer clause 4 assistance in trade return or money back?
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Which market or markets are consumer goods and services bought into?

Goods or services bought by a consumer are bought in the consumer market. The consumer market includes fast moving consumer goods, consumer durables, soft goods and services.

Are kitchen cabinets consumer products?

If it can be bought from a shop by the consumer/ customer it is a consumer product.

You bought this car less than 17 days ago and the transmission is acting up Who is responsible?

If there is no warranty, you are. If you bought it with a warranty does it say it covers the transmission or complete drivetrain? Have you checked the transmission fluid level?

What is quantity bought in economic?

It is something which has been purchased by the consumer.

In which case is someone being a consumer?

Ibrahim driving a car he bought

Why were the 1920s referred to as the consumer revolution?

People bought stuff because they could.

Where do you go to file a complaint on a health insurance provider?

If it is a group health insurance plan -- through your employer -- go to your HR person or your manager. They can get in touch with the insurance broker who sold them the plan. If it is an individual plan -- one you bought on your own -- go to the broker who sold it to you. Failing either of those, your state may have a consumer assistance department, within its insurance regulatory bureau. Go to your state government website and search for "health insurance consumer assistance." Good luck!

Can you use a 300 volt consumer LED light fixture in your 120 v residential system?

No but it is not clear where 300 v consumer lights can be bought anyway.

Which of these agencies sets and enforces safety standards for items that are bought from businesses?

The Consumer Product Saftey Commission (CPSC) sets standards for items that are bought from businesses.

Where can I seek assistance with laptop troubleshooting?

To seek assistance on troubleshooting your laptop, you should call in the company where you bought your laptop from. Most of the time, you can take it to Best Buy's GEEK squad. They will help you from there.

Sets and enforces safety standards for items that are bought from businesses?

The Consumer Protective Services Commission (CPSC) sets and enforces safety standards for items that are bought from businesses.

What happens when you buy a car that's promised to work properly and find out it needs a new transmission?

If you bought it "as is" and with no warranty you are out of luck. You will be buying a new transmission.

How did Americans respond to post-World War 2 prosperity?

. They bought more consumer goods

Why would a Chevy Cavalier tend to stall when slowing down and turning to left but not to the right?

I dont know how much this will help you, but i had a 95 cougar and every time i turned to the left it stalled out. So one day i bought Full injector cleaner and put it in, Went to an empty lot and drove in circles to get the kinks out, and it worked, never stalled again.

What was one result of increased advertising after World War 1?

Americans bought more consumer products More goods were produced and sold -More people bought on credit.

What transmission fluids are compatible with Mitsubishi eneavor?

Local transmission shop said it is best to get from the dealer for this one. Bought the fluid last week at $6 a quart.

What do you do if you bought a car and the transmission line came out causing the transmission to blow?

If you have a warranty, take it back to the dealership for repair. If you don't have a warranty, then you are responsible for all repairs.

What kind of transmission fluid goes into a 1984 Mercedes 500 sec?

When I serviced my transmission, I bought fluid and parts from the dealer. It is a special "synthetic oil" fluid.

Where is the shift solenoid on-in a 2000 Dodge Stratus 2.4L?


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At BEAUTY PIE, their mission is to make you feel like a kid in a cosmetics candy shop. To bring you the fairy tale. To deliver the absolute best in beauty nonstop, at prices so amazing, even a splurge is a steal. .ly/txv0l2x

Where do they sell the Pokemon action replay max in the store?

I bought mine at Best Buy. if its not by the Video Game Accessories, you can ask for assistance.

What is the Consumer Price Index (CPI)?

an index determined by measuring the price of standard goods bought by urban consumers

What is FMCG?

FMCGs stands for - Fast moving consumer goods,.. These are the daily products which one uses. Eg : Bread, milk, chocolate.. They are bought on impulse, bought frequently,.. and in most of the time there is no difference between a brand and another... So the consumer accapt alternative brands!... Hope that this will be an aid for you.... FeRrY

How much do manual transmission cost to replace?

The cost to replace a manual transmission varies based on the people working on it, and the place it is bought from. In general, the cost runs from $1,000 to $3,000.

What could cause what seems like the transmission slipping on a 2000 mercury cougar?

my son bought a 1996 cougar that felt like the transmition was slipping and we had the transmission flushed and it fixed it.