Brake lights not responding 2001 Solara Not fuse or bulbs. What else could it be?

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it maybe the brake switch
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What could be wrong with brake lights if not the switch bulbs or fuses?

Answer . Sounds like you've been doing some guessing! You need to find where the power stops. Use a test light at the sockets. If no power, go to the wire to the socket. When you find where power goes in but doesn't come out, you have your answer. Assuming there is one answer. There is also a pos ( Full Answer )

On a 99 Chevy Malibu the brake light on the driver's side will not work it is not the fuse or the bulb what else could it be?

Answer . Look at the socket itself. Wires could be burnt or even inside socket corroded or burnt.. The light bulb socket assembly cost around $40. It is best to change it. Pretty much self explanatory. You can wiggle the bulb and sometimes it woill work for awhile but it is a pain to keep messin ( Full Answer )

If the fuses and bulbs are good what could be wrong if the brake lights do not work but the turn signals and tail lights are OK?

the brake light switch on the brake peda is by far the most likely cause ---but it would be nice to know which vehicle your talking about A Bad or Broken Brake light switch would be my first guess. Most brake light switches are mounted under the dash to the brake pedal however some cars have anoth ( Full Answer )

All three brakes light not working on 1999 Jetta Replaced the bulbs except the window one but still no lights Could it be a fuse If so where is the fuse box?

Answer . very easy my friend. you must locate a little switch in the top of the brake pedal. when you put pressure in the brake pedal the switch moving in and out when you release it, sometime need calibration of the switch try to move the base of the switch up or down and get some help to see t ( Full Answer )

You have a 1998 Ford Contour and all your brake lights went out except for your rear window light The bulb and fuses seem good can anyone think of anything else that could be wrong?

Answer . \nYES, wiring. Almost ALL vehicles that have a 3rd stoplight on the windows use the 3rd light as the main brake feed for the other 2 regular brake lights. so if your regular stop lights go bad but the 3rd one still works the most likely problem is going to be on the wire coming down from ( Full Answer )

2003 Dodge Ram 1500 and the left brake light will not work you have changed the bulb and checked the fuses all are good The right brake light works fine What else could be the problem?

05 dodge 1500 brake light does not come on, however when lights are on the bulbis lit therefore not blown, now whatAnswer . compare the bulb make sure it is the right number bulb or check inside the sucket and see if the connection are not damage or get a test light to see if there is power commi ( Full Answer )

If 1992 Ford Ranger brake lights do not work and bulbs and fuses are OK what else could be wrong?

Answer . \nCheck the switch that is attached to the brake pedal.. Answer . \nThere are at least two possibilities that come to mind.\n. \n1) You could have broken or frayed wires leading to the brake lights, which are preventing current from getting to the bulbs. \n. \n2) The brake light ( Full Answer )

Brake lights on a 1995 Chevy blazer will not work the fuse and the sensor on the break peddle is good can you tell you what else could be causing the brake lights not to work?

Answer 1 . I have to assume that the "...sensor on the brake peddle..." is the BRAKE LIGHT SWITCH. If that is the case, AND if is checks out, as you imply, as good [or functioning] then I suspect that it may not be adjusted properly, so that the travel of the brake pedal is insufficient to allow ( Full Answer )

Why does the Brake light stay on in your Ford Focus 2001 ZX3 do your brakes need changing or what else could that light mean?

Answer . Hi, It could mean that they need changing, but on my Escort when the emergency brake lever is pulled up just a notch or two, even though it's not actually engaged, the brake light lights up. Try releasing the brake lever and see if that solves the problem. Hope it helps, Cubby Answer ( Full Answer )

Why wouldint the taillight work when the blinkers and the brake light do and the fuse and light bulb are good what could the problem be on an 1987 ford ranger?

Answer . Had that happen once and it was a loose wire connecting the light itself. My taillight was out but one of the headlights had a loose wire. I had this happen aswell, so I followed the wires back from the lights and it turns out between the trailer adapter and the lights the wire shield c ( Full Answer )

Why are Nissan Pulsar 2001 Q reverse lights not working. All other lights are working. Fuse is good as are bulbs. What else could it be?

I also own a Nissan Pulsar Q hatchback with the same problem. One reverse light is orange, the other is white. The dealership when attempting to fix this problem assumed I had two white reverse lights so my car short circuited. I have been told for the orange light to work I have to turn on the h ( Full Answer )

On a 2001 Saturn L300 the running lights quit working and it is not a fuse what else could it be?

My dashboard needles and half the lights of my dashboard quit working MONTHS ago and I'm too nervous to go see how much it will cost me. I have the same car, 2001 L-300 and I have had SO MANY problems with it, that this is one I'm learning to live with until I find the time to get it looked at. If y ( Full Answer )

Other than a fuse and the bulb is there anything that would keep the brake lights from working on a 2001 Hyundai Elantra?

I would suspect the wiring, or maybe the BOO switch. (brake on off switch) If the other brake lights work, you've ruled out the BOO. Have someone or yourself use a multimeter and check the voltage when the brake is applied at the bulb socket. If it's not getting voltage, then you'll need to trace ( Full Answer )

What could be wrong causing brakes lights not to work on a 1989 ltd crown Victorian when the bulbs have been changed fuses have changed and brake light switch has been replaced?

Is it only the brakes or position light will not turn on either ?\nEliminating the obvious that all parts are matching and good, check wires, use 2 people, one steps on brake, the other checks voltage at rear socket.\nIf it works, check your installation, everything plugged nice and tight, if not, i ( Full Answer )

How do you change the ashtray light bulb in the 2001 Toyota Solara?

You need to take out front dash from top to bottom via cdplayer, clock, over the a/c climate control. Once it's removed unplug the clock and it can be moved out farther to where you see the ashtray. Unplug the ashtray connector and the bulb should come right out, replace it and plug it back in, your ( Full Answer )

Checked bulbs and fuses. Replaced switch. Brake lights on your Daewoo Leganza still don't work. What else could cause this?

About the only other things that could cause this are:. 1: The switch is not adjusted properly. Check to ensure that the brake pedal is actually activating the switch and make any adjustments necessary.. 2: The fuse looks good but isn't. Try a new fuse or test the old fuse to be sure. Not all bad ( Full Answer )

2001 Toyota solara brake light stays on?

If a brake light stays on it's usually just a sticky or bad switch. The brake light switch is under the dash and is activated by the brake pedal. It could have some grunge on it preventing the switch from closing. Try cleaning the plunger. If that doesn't work (and it probably won't) replacement is ( Full Answer )

How do you replace brake light bulb on 2004 Toyota solara?

Open the trunk. On each side (at the rear) you'll see a flap that can be opened in the trunk liner. Open that flap and (with help from a flashlight) you'll see the light sockets. Twist the appropriate one to the left and pull it out. Replace the bulb with the identical number (listed in your owner's ( Full Answer )

How do you replace rear brake light bulb on 2006 Toyota Solara?

Check page 322 of your owner's manual. You'll find an explanation along with pictures. Replacement is very simple. Open the trunk, pull the appropriate cover flap back in the trunk liner, identify which socket you need to change the bulb in. Turn the socket to the left and withdraw the socket/bulb ( Full Answer )