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Branches of Christianity?

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Catholic, Protestant, & Orthodox.

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The number of branches is dependent on the fineness of detail

desired. The three main groups and some of their subdivisions


Eastern Christians or Eastern Orthodox

  • Nestorians ("Church of the East")
  • Monophysites ("Oriental Orthodox").

Catholic Christians

  • Roman Catholic
  • "Old Catholic Church" broke away in 1870, disagreeing with

    papal infallibility

  • "Traditionalist Catholics" or "Tridentine Catholics" broke

    after 1965, over reforms of the Second Vatican Council.

  • "Progressive Catholics" broke since 1965, over changes not made

    by Vatican II

Protestant Christians are subdivided into thousands of

different denominations

NOTE: The Anglicans, or "Church of England," separated

from the Roman Catholic Church for non-t theological reasons; They

are similar to Catholics but do not acknowledge the Bishop of Rome

(the "Pope") as the spiritual leader

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