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Branches of Christianity?

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Catholic, Protestant, & Orthodox.


The number of branches is dependent on the fineness of detail desired. The three main groups and some of their subdivisions are:

Eastern Christians or Eastern Orthodox

  • Nestorians ("Church of the East")
  • Monophysites ("Oriental Orthodox").

Catholic Christians

  • Roman Catholic
  • "Old Catholic Church" broke away in 1870, disagreeing with papal infallibility
  • "Traditionalist Catholics" or "Tridentine Catholics" broke after 1965, over reforms of the Second Vatican Council.
  • "Progressive Catholics" broke since 1965, over changes not made by Vatican II

Protestant Christians are subdivided into thousands of different denominations

NOTE: The Anglicans, or "Church of England," separated from the Roman Catholic Church for non-t theological reasons; They are similar to Catholics but do not acknowledge the Bishop of Rome (the "Pope") as the spiritual leader

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Q: Branches of Christianity?
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What are the main branches of Christianity?

The main branches of Christianity are Protestantism and Catholicism.

What two branches of Christianity were formed in 1054?

in 1054 AD created what two branches of christianity?

Why is orthodox Christianity important?

It is one of the oldest branches of Christianity.

What religion uses the Hebrew bible?

All branches of Judaism and Christianity use the Hebrew Bible. But not all branches interpret it in the same way.All branches of Judaism and Christianity use the Hebrew Bible. But not all branches interpret it in the same way.

What are the differences in the three branches of Christianity?

father, son, hollyness , this is the three branches of

What are the 3 branches of Christianity?

The three major branches are:CatholicismProtestantismEastern Orthodoxy

What two branches of Christianity emerged as a result?

As the result of what? The 'denominations' or branches of Christianity after some differences are: Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant. Each of these have numerous 'sects' within them.

What are the major branches of Christianity?

Catholic, Protestant, & Orthodox.

Three branches of Christianity?

Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox.

Is puritans a religion?

It is one of the old branches of Christianity.

What branches exist in Christianity?

Catholic, Protestant, & Orthodox.

What name is given to the different branches of religion?

When a religion has different branches (e.g., Christianity), they are called "sects".

Name the religion most Europeans practice What are its three mayor branches?

The religion most practiced is christianity and the three major branches are Roman catholicism, Orthox Christianity, and Protestanism.

What are some major branches of Christianity?

There are various forms in Christianity in the way of Churches. But, they are all aimed at the same goals that are established in the religion of what Christianity stands for.Some major branches are:BaptistsMethodistsLutheransPresbyteriansNon-Denominational

Is there more than one branch of Christianity?

There wasn't a specific "first branch" associated with Christianity. The disciples preached to the Jews about Jesus. Then the disciples went all around the world starting churches. However, there are 3 major branches of Christianity. These branches include:Eastern OrthodoxyProtestantismRoman CatholicismMany people believe there to be only 1 form of Christianity. This may be true, but Christianity has branches!

What is the branches of Baptist?

im not sure but it has to do with the Islam and Christianity time...

How is Christianity unique?

It is unique because it has several different branches of it.

What are the three major branches of Christianity?

Catholic , Orthodox and Protestant .

What are the 3 types of Christianity?

There are technically 4 main branches of Christianity: Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Anglican, and Protestant.

Where did christinity originated?

Judaism is where Christianity had originated from. The Religions as far as god start from the Jewish, then to Christianity, which branches to Catholicism which then branches to all kinds of Christian faiths. But, to answer the question bluntly, it started with Judaism.

What are the different branches in Christianity?

Catholic, Protestant, & Orthodoxy are the three main branches with Evangelicals and Non-aligned coming afterwards.

Are Lutherans one of the branches to Christianity?

yes! of course lutherans are christians!

What are the 4 main branches of Christianity?

Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, and Anglican.

Which branch of Christianity do people follow?

There are many different branches/denominations within Christianity. The largest is Catholicism with about 1.2 billion adherents.

Into what three branches is Christianity divided?

Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant.