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To go round the circumference of the shade, multiply 16 by 3.141592654 (the value of Pi) - you do the maths !

2011-10-21 17:57:44
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Could you explain what glue dots are to me?

Glue dots are very similar to tape. They are used in scrapbooking to attach pictures and embellishments to the paper. They are about a quarter inch in diameter.

On your 2001 Isuzu rodeo what type of fasners do you need to re-attach a new fuel filter?

2 fuel line hose clamps matching hose diameter

If a wheel is 68 inches in diameter and the spokes are spaced on the wheel 19.41 inches apart what is the linear distance between the points where the two spokes attach to the wheel?

18.4 inches

How do you make a homemade badminton racket?

Get a stick out of your yard.With flexible reeds form a circular frameMake a grid from fishing string and attach to frame.Make sure it is tightThen go play badminton

What is the present tense of attach?

I attach.

What do bones attach to?

Bones attach to ligaments.

Do tendons attach bones to bones?

No. They attach muscles to bones. Ligaments attach bones to bones.

Do muscles attach to other muscles?

Muscles do not attach to other muscles. They only attach to bone.

Why do sea monkeys attach?

If a female and a male attach, they are mating. If two males attach, they are fighting.

How can non pierced earrings attach to ones ear?

One can use cuff earrings if they are non-pierced. They are circular shaped earrings with a slit in the earring allowing it to fit onto your ear giving the appearance of being pierced.

How do you attach documents to Gmail on iPad?

You can easily attach documents to Gmail on iPad. You need to go to options and then attach. You will find your directory and can attach whatever you want.

Do the ligaments attach muscles to the bones?

Ligaments attach bone to bone. Tendons attach muscle to bone.

What attach your muscle to bone?

Tendons attach muscle to bone (whereas ligaments attach bone to bone).

What will a virus attach to?

it will attach to a cell in the back of your throat

How do you attach dialog tags?

how do you attach dialogue tags?

What is Tagalog of attach?

Tagalog Translation of ATTACH: idugtong

Why do sharks attach people?

Sharks do not "attach" anything.

What is a good sentence for attach?

I attach the knob into the door.

What types of muscles and bones do ligaments attach?

Ligaments attach bone to bone. Tendons attach muscles to bone.

Do tendons attach to muscle and muscle attaches to bone?

Tendons attach muscle to bone, muscles do not attach to bone.

How to attach my pictures with my Facebook?

How to attach my pictures with my face book?

What muscles attach to which bones?

your penis muscles attach to a boner

What is the word attach in Tagalog?

Tagalog translation of attach: ikapit

How do you attach ribbon to vehicle without damaging?

Attach it with a glue

What is the past tense of attach?

The past tense of attach is attached.