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Briefly Describe the various Product lines and Verticals of micro banking finance?

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describe how e-banking is different from e-finance

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Briefly explain the evolution of banking system in India?

Describe briefly the evolution of banking institutions./banking hs 1st year

What is banking product?

general information about Banking Product

Describe and explain modern banking system?

modern banking

New product development in banking sector?

New product development in banking is aimed at improving efficiency. All the essential factors should be considered when the product is being developed.

What types of banking do you have?

there are different types of banking product 1. e-banking. 2. mobile banking. 3. SMS banking. 4. online transfer. 5. E-payment.

How do you describe the e-banking products?

Some of the e-banking products are: a. Internet or Online banking b. ATMs c. Mobile banking d. Telephone banking e. Etc

Describe a recent development in the Investment Banking industry What implications might this development have for the division to which you have applied?

Describe a recent development in the banking industry. What implications might this development have for the division to which you have applied?

What is the difference between net banking and online banking?

These are two ways to describe the same type of banking: managing your account using the internet instead of walking into a branch.

What is the description of mobile banking sales man job?

a mobile banking sales man is someone who represents his bank outside the banking premises to sell company's product and service.

Describe the south's war plan at the beginning of the war?

Banking on the support of US FIREPOWER!

What is merchant banking?

In banking, a merchant bank is a financial institution primarily engaged in international finance and long-term loans for multinational corporations and governments.[1] It can also be used to describe the private equity activities of banking

Which of these statements does not describe the banking system in ancient Egypt?

Bank issued letters of credit to be used as currency

What is Core Banking Retail Banking and Triad Finance?

TietoEnator's Core Banking Suite consists of components that can be installed independently and integrated into your current banking environment. At the heart of the Core Banking Suite are comprehensive customer, product, and agreement management modules that provides a single and complete view of the financial institution's customers and their engagements with the institution. The Core Banking Suite manages deposit and loan products and credit and debit cards. The application includes a world-leading cash management component, to be used by large corporates to perform cash pooling, sweeping etc in a cross border, multi-currency environment. Product management is possible through a configurable product composer. This gives the bank's business people the flexibility to assemble user-definable banking products with flexible pricing structures and then quickly distribute them through any channel to their banking customers. Sushil Jain / Tapan Sanghvi Biratnagar, Nepal / Mumbai, India

Different types of banking?

The different types of banking services are:Commercial BankingInvestment BankingRetail BankingWholesale BankingRural BankingPrivate Banking

How does international banking differ from domestic banking?

There is a difference between international banking and domestic banking. International banking is banking among different countries. Domestic banking is banking among one country.

What are the kinds of banking?

There are many different kinds of banking services available. Some of them are:Retail BankingCorporate BankingInvestment BankingPrivate BankingRural BankingEtc.

What is all day banking?

All day banking is a term that is used to describe the fact that, the bank is open and available for banking operations throughout the day for the benefit of the customer. For ex: A bank may be open from 9 AM till 7 PM which covers most of the day time in a day to serve its customers. Such a bank can say that it is providing All Day banking services.

Describe functions of Islamic Banking?

As bank is acting as the intermediary so it transfer the amount recieve from those who has in spare and distribute in those who have need of it so the following are the function of banking collection security medium of exchange lending

What is tele-banking?


Difference between chain banking group banking?

Difference between chain banking group banking?

Is investment banking part of the Core banking systems?

No. Investment banking doesn't have to be part of core banking and/or minimal banking services. Investment banking is essentially a very different type of banking, it is not the same as retail, commercial or trade banking (which would constitute as core banking).

What is full form of E-Banking?

E-banking is an abbreviation for electronic banking.

Describe your knowledge of banking regulations?

Banking regulations are rules that are put in place to ensure all bankers carry themselves professionally. The regulations help guard against fraud and other practices that may damage the standing of the institution.

What does RBC stand for in RBC banking?

In banking terms, the abbreviation RBC stands for Risk Based Capital. The term is used to describe a policy that has both a chance to lose a part of the investment and a chance to substantially increase the initial capital.

What is postal banking?

postal banking is the sysem of banking faster system to develop to the banking process.