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British general Montgomery and us general defeated the German and Italian troops in north Africa?


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U.S. General Patton

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Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel was the general, he was defeated by general Montgomery, a British general, in North Africa

Might you be referring to Erwin Rommel in North Africa in 1942 in the third and final battle of El Alamein, 60 miles south of Alexandria? The British General who defeated Rommel was General Montgomery.

General Montgomery was placed in command of the British troops.

Montgomery> Erwin Rommel , the Desert Fox , was bested by the British commander Bernard Montgomery at the Second Battle of El Alamein (23 October - 11 November 1942) .

Gen Bernard Montgomery was the senior British General at D-Day.

Montgomery. Became Field Marshall Montgomery

Yes, General Montgomery was an important British commander during World War 2

General Cornwallis was defeated by the Americans.

The Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon

Montgomery led the British forces to victory in North Africa, finally defeating the Afrika Korps.

General Montgomery*, was a British General who commanded the British Forces in World War II Europe.

The British 8th Army, under General Montgomery

· Montgomery (British General)

Bernard Montgomery - known as Monty.

Bernard Montgomery was an important figure that helped catch the "Desert Fox". He was a general for the British

Bernard Montgomery was the general who led British forces in the European theater .

Bernard Montgomery was the British general who was popularly known as Monty. He was an inspirational military commander during the world war II.

British General Guy Carleton defeated American General Ethan Allen

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