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Brock if your so great why did you quit WWE that's not a wrsetling god?

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He had a fall out with WWE Personell and felt best that he left the WWE and leave for an American Football Team.

2012-07-20 16:32:09
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Why did Brock Lesnar quit the WWE?

He quit because he faught with goldberg in a fight that he was supposed to win. But goldberg never followed the script and ended up destroying brock lesnar. so brock lesnar quit because he got mad. he then went to the UFC did well for a while when he started doing bad he quit and went back to the wwe. then he quit the wwe again.

Did Brock Lesnar quit WWE in 2012?

No. Brock Lesnar kayfabe resigned. He is still with the WWE company.

Why did Triple H quit?

Because Brock Lesnar broke his arm

When brock lesnar will come back?

he quit a guy come out to the ring and told everyone

When did brock lesnar quit wrestling?

Brock lesnar "quit" on the 5/7/12 edition of monday night Raw but this is just part of a story line because he signed a contract with the WWE for one year which means he can only make an appearance a certain amount of times.

If Brock Lesner did return to WWE what would happen and if he did would he quit yet again?

He has returned and has signed a contract for a year

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Is it true that John Cena is going to quit wrestling and join the Vikings with Brock Lesnar?

well I've researched everything i could and i found out that he is quitting in 2006 but not to play on the vikings but to play football.AnswerCena is staying put. He has no plans to leave at anytime at the moment. He has extra activities but wrestling is his priority! Answeri don't think john cena is going anywhere, he is not going to give up his WWE championship belt to play football, everything is good for him right now in the WWE AnswerNo! that's absurd! anyway, Brock Lesnar never made the Vikings. AnswerBROCK NEVA MADE IT COS HE WERE CRAP BUT HE WERE A GREAT WRESTLER. CENA WILL NEVA MAKE IT IN2 THE VIKINGS IF BROCK CANT THEN NO OTHER WWE WRESTLER CAN MAKE IT

Why brock lesnar get fired from WWE?

He didn't get fired. He quit so he could go play for the Minnasota Vikings. That didn't really work so he went to wrestle in Japan and then became a UFC fighter

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Witch WWE wrestlers quiet?

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When will HHH return in 2012?

I think he will return before wrestle mania 29 like he did his return in 2011 to challange the undertaker in wrestle mania 27. hope he returns and beat brock lesnar bad in a 'I Quit match'.

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