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bubblicious is bad for your teeth cuz it gives more cavities to ur teeth!!! the bubblicious it taste good but its bad for ur teeth. when u buy a bubblicious it doesn't said the sugar and also the calories!!!!

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When was Bubblicious created?

Bubblicious was created in 1977.

Is Bubblicious suitable for vegetarians?

No. Bubblicious contains glycerin which is derived from animal fat.

Which bubble gum makes the biggest bubble bubblicious or stride?

Bubblicious because it's bigger

Which gum blow bigger bubbles bubblicious or dubble bubble?

Bubblicious gives you bigger bubbles on average.

Does bubblicious last long?


What kind of gum keeps its flavor the longest Juicy Fruit Bubblicious or Hubba Bubba?

I personally think: bubblicious

Which company claims its product is 'bubblicious'?

The American Chicle Division of Warner Lambert first developed the Bubble Gum called Bubblicious. The brand is now owned by Cadbury Adams, a division of Modelez International.

Does Kraft Foods make bubblicious bubble gum?

Yes, Kraft Foods Global, INC makes Bubblicious Bubble Gum.

Why do good teeth go bad?

Teeth go bad of sugar

What is the best thing to do to prevent bad teeth?


Why is it bad for your teeth?

pop is bad for your teeth because of the suger by this it means the suger truns your teeth yellow

Is burping bad for teeth?

no burping isn't bad for teeth it may be an acid/gas but it isn't a bad type which would damage your teeth

Who invented bubblicious the gum?

Thomas Adams

How bad to your teeth have to be for you to get braces?

your teeth must be not in its correct spot if your teeth are good then do not put on braces or less your teeth will be so bad than it was

Why do the Irish have bad teeth?

Irish people don't particularly have bad teeth.

Is eating ice bad for the teeth?

yes. it is very bad for your teeth it will crack them

Is pepsi and cola cola bad for your teeth?

Yes It Bad For Teeth So Please Do Not Drink It. Drink Something else that not bad for your teeth please.

Do you have to have braces if you have bad teeth?

yes you have to have braces on if your teeth are bad or less your teeth will move alone and your mouth will be weird

How bad is bad teeth?


Who made bubblicious chewing gum?

Bubblicious chewing gum was originally produced by Warner Lambert. Out of the 28 flavors that were produced only 18 are still around.

Is fresh orange juice bad for your teeth?

no fresh orange juice is not bad for your teeth

Is too much grapefruit bad for you?

it is bad for your teeth- it burns the anamal off your teeth:)

Is soda bad for my teeth if it's all I drink?

I do believe that soda is bad for your teeth if it is all you drink, It will rot your teeth and i know it is bad for your body, so is say yes it is bad for ya

Which foods are good or bad for your teeth?

suger is bad for for u teeth because plack can get into your teeth and causes your teeth to rott good food makes your teeth all siney and strong

Is milk good for your teeth?

no it is very bad for your teeth

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