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Budget for National Security Agency?


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September 09, 2013 7:13PM

The actual bugdet for the NSA I believe is classified. However, you are looking at an agency whose bugdet (as well as manpower far outnumbers the CIA). I think we are talking billions and billions here.


The prior answer is correct. I would add only that it is believed that the NSA budget is the largest for any single agency.

<ACLASS="H2HEADINGH2"STYLE="COLOR:RGB(0,0,0);"NAME="SECOND_ADDENDUM:">Second Addendum:Largest intelligence agency by budget is National Reconnaissance office, due to size of space missions, not personnel or ground facilities. It is approximately $15 billion per year. NSA is roughly $10 to $12 billion per year, counting Central Security Service.

$10.8 Billion USD in 2013