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Build a bear code or cheat for bunny ears?


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there is not a code for the bunny ears


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you dont have to ask. its expired now but the code was 765348758893

Go to the bear in build-a-bear workshop and click on him and you'll see web codes and then you enter the code.

Go to the town square and into the build a bear workshop. Click on comp the bear and then on enter a web code. type in the code and click accept

y226-bw25-dx63 heart emotions

539230201 is the key code and 72029011 is the

Really funny ! The cheat code is : *********** that is why you never find the cheat code

To get the the build-a-bear code you have to buy a bear at Build A Bear! There's not cheats, at least not for free, & just to be on the safe side, I'd buy a build-a-bear if I were you, rather then asking for a build a bear code.

get a build a bear and you're sure to get a recipt code!

Go Into the town.Go Into the build a bear workshop shop.Click the Big Bear with the blue top next to the computer.Click enter a web code.Type in the codePress OKYou then get your items.

The build faster cheat code is 299792458!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You buy them in real life at build a bear workshop, and on your reciept, there will be a code. Enter that code on build a bear ville.

i think you have to buy the accesory from a build-a-bear store to get the code

the id number is 0152020037350 the reciept code is 112630

A receipt code on Build a bear, After you make a purchase at any Build-A-Bear Workshop store on the receipt there is a code that you enter in at

You shouldn't cheat you have to acctually buy the diva set at your local build a bear workshop sorry no cheats

You get it when you buy a Build-a-Bear. It is at the bottom of the birth certificate. If someone already used their code, You cannot reuse it, it won't work. Add me on Build-a-Bear, BriannePaws11!

no i csnt.. but if you care of your bear not a bear at build a bear then go to marshalls

If you go to the Town Square, then walk into the Build a Bear Workshop Store (you have to click on the bear dude behind the counter where it says store news). The cheat would be a web code. live>laugh>love

It is a code that you get on your build-a-bear certificate so you can play with you build a-bear online.

You have to buy a rainbow bear to get the code. :(

no. if you want a code ,you have to go to build a bear and buy a bear.

You can obtain a Build-a-Bear ID by buying a Bear at your local BABW or online.

you don't need a code anymore. sunshine shores is open to the public

go to the build a bear workshop and talk to the bear and then put in the code

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