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The letter says "The beginning of eternity, the end of time and space" etc...
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What rhymes with also?

oso colossal Could not find a perfect rhyme but the word Orso is ?? Occupational Retirement Schemes Ordinance Torso?

Are cousins children also cousins?

Yes, but it gets removed with each generation. For example if you have a child and your first cousin has a child, the children are 2nd cousins. However, your first cousins child to you is your first cousin once removed because you are one generation separated from the child.

What is 'i also' in Spanish?

"I also" in Spanish is "yo también." It is pronounced, "yo tom-bee-EHN." Sites such as learn-spanish.co.il provide audio pronunciations of many common Spanish words.

Bleach is also a?

1. An animated television show. 2. A toxic chemical commonly found in laundry rooms. 3. A cleaning agent.

Is also preposition?

\nAlso is not a preposition, it is an adverb. It modifies a verb in the sentence. I have cows / I ALSO have cows. I SURELY have cows. I unfortunately have cows. All these are adverbs.\nThink of a preposition as anything you can do to a cloud. You can go OVER, UNDER, AROUND, THROUGH, BESIDE, e ( Full Answer )

Is also a verb?

No. Also is an adverb. It means "in addition." It can also (arguably) function as a conjunction without "and."

What is also in Spanish?

The word for 'also' is tambien. Literally, it would translate as 'as well'.\n. \nPerhaps future questions of yours should be worded less ambiguously. It was unclear whether you wanted to know how to say the word 'also' in spanish, or if you wanted to know 'What else is in spanish?"

An autotroph is also an?

An autotroph is any organism capable of self-nourishment by using inorganic materials as a source of nutrients and using photosynthesis or chemosynthesis as a source of energy, as most plants and certain bacteria and protists.. OR. An autotroph (from the Greek autos = self and trophe = nutrition) ( Full Answer )

Is also a noun?

No, the word also is an adverb, a word that modifies a verb or an adjective and a conjunction, a word that joins two parts of a sentence. Examples: Adverb: John also ran in the marathon. Conjunction: The yard sale was fun and we also made some money.

Is also a preposition?

No. It is an adverb, meaning in addition or too. Prepositions connect noun forms, to tell where, when, how, or which one.

Is but also a conjunction?

Yes, it is part of a "pair conjunction" called a correlativeconjunction. The first half of the pair is notonly , and then but also precedes theconnected clause.

Is there a comma after also?

Not generally. It depends on the role of the word in the sentence. Commas are a feature of sentence structure, not of words. There is no word or phrase in English that requires a comma. For example: Also running was another candidate. I was amused, but also irritated.

Is also a conjunction?

Not really, but it can (arguably) be defined as one, where it takesthe place of the conjunction 'and'. It can connects adjectives and adverbs as in "He was smart, alsotough" (and also tough) "The dog is pretty, also friendly" (andalso friendly). Also is widely used as an adverb meaning too, in add ( Full Answer )

A sentence with also in it?

She played the piano, also, she was drinkning coffee. That was the only thing I could think of, Sorry if it's not good enough.

Does the odometer also affect the cc?

Depends. The displayed value of the odo has nothing to do with the cruise control. But it's possible that the odo shares the same pickup as the speedo, and the cruise control does rely on a speedo value to function properly. If there's something wrong with the pickup, that will prevent the cruise ( Full Answer )

Is a senior supervisor also a manager?

Anyone who leads a team or is responsible for other people in acompany can be called a manager; it depends on the coporatestructure of a company whether or not management is titular in thiscase.

What are heterozygous genotypes also called?

heterozygous genotypes are two different traits which one is reccessive and one is dominant. to be homozygous means that both the traits are either both reccessive or both dominant

Are compounds also molecules.?

Sometimes Because a water can be a moeclue (if it the 2 Hydrogen and 1 Oxgean atoms are chemically put together) and Coompound ( Water has two different elements that make it up)

What is an electric generator also known as?

Electricity generators were often traditionally called magnetos (especially on automoblies and tractors) and are also called alternators. Generally speaking, alternators and magnetos produce AC (alternating current), while generators produce DC (direct current), thought the terms are often used wit ( Full Answer )

Do stars also reflect the sun?

No, stars do not reflect the sun like the moon does. Stars are very similar to the sun and give off their own light. (They look small because they are far away, but they are actually very big).

What president was also Speaker of the House?

James K. Polk is the only president who was once the Speaker of the House before becoming President of the United States. A common misconception is that President Gerald Ford was once the Speaker of House. He was not and, instead, was once the House Minority Leader .

Can a radius also be a chord?

No. Because a radius extends from the arc to the point. Chord extends from one point of the arc to another.

What Olympic champions were also in the movies?

Buster Crabbe: On the 1928 and 1932 Olympic swim teams. Won the gold medal in 400 Meter Swimming Freestyle in 1932. Won bronze medal in 1500 Meter Freestle in 1928. Has 115 acting credits from 1930 to 1982. Johnny Weissmuller: Won 5 Olympic gold medals for swimming 1924-1928. Charter member of U.S. ( Full Answer )

Producers are also known as?

Autotrophs are the producers in a food chain, such as plants onland or algae in water. An autotroph is an organism that canproduce its own food using light, water, carbon dioxide, or otherchemicals. Because autotrophs produce their own food, they aresometimes called producers.

The Netherlands is also known as?

People often call the Netherlands Holland, but this is actuallywrong. Netherlands is the country and Holland is just a region ofthe Netherlands. See the related question below.

Louis XVI was also known as?

Louis XVI of France: the Restorer of French Liberty, the Last, the Baker, the Martyr, the Martyr King, the Well-Beloved..

What is The Sun Also Rises about?

Very superficially, it's about a group of Americans and Brits visiting Spain to watch the "running of the bulls" and the bullfights. If this is a homework question, you might want to actually read the novel instead of relying on this description.

Is a quadrilateral also a parallelogram?

It may be. A quadrilateral has four sides, but they need not be all the same length, nor parallel to each other. It's true that a parallelogram *is* a quadrilateral.

Is spaceship also she?

Yes, like naval vessels, spacecraft are referred to as "she", even when given a male name.

Does the sun will also die?

Yes - our sun will one day die. Due to it's small size, instead of going super nova, the outer layers will shred away and it will shrink into a white dwarf.

The battle of sharps also called?

The battle at Sharpsburg was named Antietam after nearby Antietam Creek. Southerners prefer to call it The Battle of Sharpsburg.

Vitamin D is also known as?

Vitamin D is also known as Ergocalciferol (vitamin D2) and Cholecalciferol (vitamin D3). It is a fat soluble vitamin that helps body to absorb calcium. It is also known as sunshine vitamin because the body manufactures the vitamin after being exposed to sunshine.

Are octopi also known as cuttlefish?

No. Octopi and cuttlefish are related, but they are not the same.Both belong to a class of marine invertebrates cephalopods, whichalso includes squid. One key difference is that squid andcuttlefish each have eight arms plus two tentacles while an octopussimply has eight arms.

Testitis is also know as ovaritis?

Testitis is an inflammation of the testicles whereas ovaritis is an inflammation of the ovaries. Somehow, unless of a freak accident of nature, one individual wouldn't be able to have both.

The country of Ireland is also known as?

Ireland and Éire are official names and it is also known as the Republic of Ireland, although that is not an official name, but just a reference to the country, often used to distinguish it from Northern Ireland.

Is mesocyclone also a hurricane?

No. A mesocyclone and a hurricane are two completely different things. A hurricane is a tropical cyclone with sustained winds of at least 74 mph. It is its own self-sustaining storm system that is typically a few hundred miles across. A mesocyclone is the rotating updraft of a supercell thundersto ( Full Answer )

What is the Gaelic for 'and to you also'?

In Irish, if this is response to a greeting/blessing in Irish it could be answered "the same to you" which is "Gurab é duit" or "Gurab amhlaidh duit". However, in some greetings there is a specific response Dia dhuit. "Hello" (May) God (bless) to-you. The response: Dia 's Muire dhuit. "Hello" (Ma ( Full Answer )

Why is you also plural?

'There is a concept in English and many other languages called "grammatical person", which describes the relationship of the speaker to the event. The conjugation of a verb depends on both the grammatical person and singular/plural. First person : I (singular) am a teacher. We (plural) are teac ( Full Answer )

Are you also a microorganism?

Us human beings, are not micro-organisms. Why? Because micro-organisms are organisms that can't be seen with a regular naked human eye. If you can see a human with your own eyes. Your obviously not microscopic.

Can the answer also be 18?

No for if the answer was 18, then 18 18 year old would be 18 for a while more in there life so if the answer was 18, then 18 18 18 18 18

What is and also in Spanish?

And = Y (Pronounced "ee" like in seen or feel) Also = también (Pronounced Tam-bee/EN) y tambien (and also)

Is 'also' a pronoun?

No, the word 'also' is an adverb and a conjunction . As an adverb, 'also' modifys a verb, an adjective, or anotheradverb as in addition to, besides, likewise, or too. Example: We participated in the run. John also ran . As a preposition, 'also' functions to add a noun or phrase to anoun or phra ( Full Answer )

What is a synonyms for also?

There are a few: . as well . too . additionally . in additon to . in like manner

Are they also a herbivore?

Who 'they' are is not given in the question. But, any animal thateats only plants (cow, sheep, horse, etc.) are classed asherbivores.