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Butane and isobutane are isomers or compounds that have the same chemical fomula but different structual formulas.

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Are butane and isobutane substituted hydrocarbons if not what are they?

No. Butane and isobutane are simple hydrocarbons and isomers of one another.

Isomers of butane?

Butane has 2 isomers:CH3CH2CH2CH3 - butaneCH3CH(CH3)CH3 - 2-methylpropane (or isobutane)

How many isomers of C4H10 are there?

Butane C4H10 has 2 isomersbutane C-C-C-C (n-butane)2-methyl propane CH3)2-CH-CH3 (isobutane)

What is the difference between the two isomers of butane?

basically there is no difference between the two isomers of butane .actually isomers are similar compounds with different possible skeletal structures ;for example ,butane is a hydrocarbon with 4 carbon atoms ,so its possible isomers are- n-butane and iso-butane.

How many different isomers are possible for hydrocarbon with the molecular formula C4H10?

C4H10 has 2 isomers: butane and isobutane (also called 2-methyl propane)

Different physical properties for the isomers C4H10?

The melting and boiling points are different. Butane has a melting point of 135.4K and 2-methylpropane [isobutane] has a melting point of 114K. The boiling point of Butane is 272.6K and isobutane @ 261K. It has to do with there structures. J

Butane and isobutane are examples of?

both having same molecular formula bur differ in their position, so these are the Ex. of positional isomers

Why do carbon compounds have isomers?

Isomers are two compounds with the same chemical formula, but different shapes. Methane (CH4), ethane (C2H6), and propane (C3H8) can't have isomers because they can't branch. However, butane can branch once. Therefore you can have n(unbranched)-butane, or iso(branched)-butane. Depending on the naming scheme, isobutane can also be called 2-methylpropane or simply methylpropane, indicating that there is a methyl (single carbon) group on the 2nd carbon of the propane backbone. In more complex molecules, such has dichloroethane (C2Cl2H4), there can also be cis- or trans- isomers. These indicate if the "special" groups (in this case Cl) are on the same side or different sides.

Can you make two structural isomers from a saturated alkane C4H10?

n-butane CH3-CH2-CH2-CH3 and isobutane CH3-CH(CH3)-CH3

Define isomers write ismores of butane?

An isomer refers to 2 or more compounds that have the same formula but different arrangements of atoms. Isomers of butane include 1-methylpropane, ethylethane and 1,2-dimethylethane.

What are the structural isomers of C4H10?

there are only 2 structural isomers for butanebutane2-methylpropane

How do you convert isobutane to n-butane?

By reverse isomerisation process. Process is patented by UOP.

Is Butane a Homogeneous mixture or Heterogeneous mixture?

Butane is homogeneous. Butane may mean n-butane, iso-butane or a mixture of the two isomers. If the sample were a mixture of the two isomers then it would be a homgeneous mixture.

Butane to isobutane?

Read this very interesting text at the link.

How can two compounds be made from the same elements be different?

The difference could be in the proportions of the elements or in the structure of the compounds There are three iron oxides where the proportions of the elements are different, FeO, Fe2O3, Fe3O4 There are two isomers of butane C4H10 , two structural forms, n-butane and iso-butane.

How many chain isomers are there in butane?

Butane C4H10 exists in two isomeric forms ,n-butane and Iso-butane

Why doesn't butane has isomers?

The name butane is applied by IUPAC to the unbranched form of B4H10.However many chemists use the name butane to refer to both isomers ofB4H10 , n-butane the unbranched form and iso-butane the branched form.

Isomerism of n butane and iso butane?

These isomers have different molecular structures.

Why does butane not have any geometric isomers?

Butane does not have any asymmetric carbon atoms.

What is the difference between butane and isobutane?

They are both C4H10 but isobutane has another structure, called Isomer Butane: Isobutane: H H H H H H H H-C-C-C-C-H H-C-C-C-H H H H H HHCHH H Isobutane comes in Y shape not in series as n-butane. In refineries, they transform n-butane to iso-buatene. So, they can use it in alkaline units to produce gasoline

How many structural isomers are there for hydrocarbons having the molecular formula C4H10?

Structural isomers have same molecular formula but different structural formula. Structural isomers for Butane having formula C4H10 are two. One is n-butane and the other is iso-butane.

What are the ingredients for hairspray?

The ingredients are butane, isobutane, propane, and isopropane, PHE - 890.

Are butane and cyclobutane structural isomers?

Nope. Butane has a formula of C4H10. While cyclobutane has a formula of C4H8. They're not isomers, let alone structural isomers, at all! Because they don't have the same chemical formula.

What physical property is identical for butane and 2-methylpropane?

Both of these compounds are alkanes with four carbon atoms and both of these compounds have the molecular formula C4H10. These are structural isomers of each other.

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