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go to the parts store and buy several cans of octane boost how many gallons by mistake ????

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โˆ™ 2006-04-21 05:04:29
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Q: By a mistake you used E-85 gas in your 1995 Olds Cutlass Ciera How can you clean that up so it won't knock while driving?
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Your 94 cutlass ciera bogs down when accelerated what could this be?

mass air flow sensor clean it with Qd electronic cleaner worked for me had he same problem with a 93 cutlassciera. runs great now

Where is the transmission drain plug for a 90 Oldsmobile cutlass ciera 2.5?

There is no transmission drain plug. You have to drop the entire pan to change the fluid. Always change the filter while you have the pan off and clean any metal shavings from the pan.

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94 Oldsmobile cutlass ciera starts with a high idle and then stalls before you can get it out of gear any ideas?

I'd suspect a vacuum leak or a problem with the EGR valve, but if I were working on it I wouldn't replace anything until I've had a chance to check into it further. Clean the air intake mass air flow sensor with carb cleaner. . How can you crank it "in gear"??? You got sensor problems.

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1990 cutlass ciera stationwagon and it wont start it doesnt seem to be the battery and makes a single click sound from a box that the radiator fan wires come from what can it be?

Have the battery checked but it is most likely the cable connections, they become corroded over time and wont allow sufficient power to start the motor. Be sure you have a solid ground ( black wire ) clean it and tighten it if need be, and clean and tighten the red one, follow it down to where it connects to the starter and do the same. The click you hear is the starter relay so the car " wants " to start but i think it is lacking adequite voltage.

If you have accidents on your Illinois record is your Indiana driving record clean?

NO,, They share all this information between the states now days. You driving record is your driving record no matter what state you go too.

How do you change the lower intake gasket on a 95 Olds Cutlass Supreme 3.4DOHC?

Remove the 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass intake manifold retaining bolts. The manifold will come off. Remove the old gasket. Clean the surface. Put the new intake gasket and tighten the intake manifold retaining bolts.

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1992 cutlass ciera radio antenna whirrs and bobs up and down after the engine is turned off The battery will run down unless I unplug the battery How do I fix this?

Try turning the radio off before turning the car off. If this doesn't work, check the assembly at the base of the antenna for a sensor switch for gunk and clean it off. Don't ask me where it is, because I don't have the schematics for the antenna assembly on a 1992 Cutlass Ciera handy at this moment. If this doesn't work, the easiest "fix" is to wait until the antenna goes all the way up, then clip the power lead to the antenna motor. Just make sure you don't clip the antenna lead. This will keep the antenna up all the time. Next cheapest route is to replace the whole antenna assembly, motor and all. I would recommend getting a cheap $5 standard antenna from a local auto parts store and do away with the "convenience" of the automatic retractable antenna.