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Q: By what process does oxygen enter red blood cell?
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What process causes oxygen to leave the blood sream and enter a cell?

The oxygen transfers from the bloodstream into a cell by the process of diffusion.(answered by a 7th grader)

How does oxygen enter the cell?

Oxygen is able to go into a cell by diffusion. The oxygen molecules are small enough to go through the cell membrane with that process.

What does oxygen bind to in a red blood cell?

Basically when oxygen binds into an red blood cell, the red blood cell absorbs as much oxygen as possible in the hemoglobin molecule. In the process the hemoglobin becomes oxyhemoglobin.

By what process does glucose enter a cell?

Glucose enter in a cell by the process of facilitated diffusion.

How does oxygen and carbon dioxide enter and leave the cell?

Oxygen and carbon dioxide enter and leave the cell by diffusion.

What transport process does oxygen move across the cell membranes and into your red blood cells?


What does oxygen enter a cell by?


What process causes water to enter or leave the cell?

the process that causes the water to enter and leave the cell is diffusion

Component of the red blood cell to which the oxygen is attached?

component of red blood cell to which the oxygen is atached

How cany ou tell if a blood cell is carrying oxygen or not?

If the blood cell is red you can tell that it has oxygen

How does blood enter a red blood cell?

Blood contains red blood cells. Red blood cells don't contain blood. Blood does not enter the red blood cell.

What is a blood cell called when its not carrying oxygen?

White blood cell

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