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By whom and when was the computer invented?

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Charles Babbage invented the computer.

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When was computer created and by whom?

the computer was invented in 1979 by apple

By whom is invented?

by whom binary is invented

How when and whom was octal invented?

by whom octal is invented

Is the computer invented or not?

Yes, the computer is invented.

Where was the lever invented?

There are no records of whom or where the lever was invented

When computer was invented and who invented it?

The computer was invented in 1940 by John wireless

Why An wang invented the computer?

he did not Charles Babbage invented the computer, an wang just invented a computer program

Who invented Samsung computer?

who invented lg computer



When was the stock market invented and by whom?

it was invented by aruthur adresonin1804

The astrolabe was invented by whom?

it was invented around 200BC by Hipparchus

When where and whom the cornet was invented?

it was invented by a dude named poo

Why was the apple Mac computer invented?

it was invented by Steve Jobs. The Mac Computer was invented by him.

Which computer was invented in 1959?

The ENIAC computer was invented in 1959

Who was it that invented computer?

Charles Babbage invented the natural computer.

When was the first flute invented and by whom?


Whom invented earth?


When the first computer was invented not a calculating device and who invented it?

first computer was invented by Chals Babeje. It invented in 1938

When was chickenpox invented and by whom?

It is a naturally occuring disease, and was not invented by anyone.

When was cricket Invented and by whom?

It was invented in the 1850's in England by shepherds.

Wwwho invented computer?

Charles Babbage invented the first computer.

Who invented the home computer?

Steve Jobbs invented the home computer.

Which is the day the computer is invented in 1786?

which is the day of computer invented in 1786

Who invented or who is the inventor of computer?

Charles Babbage is the person who invented computer.

When was the computer created and by whom?