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California mother attempts to kill son then tries to commit suicide?

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you betcha, illness does not annull a crime unless it is mental. you betcha, illness does not annull a crime unless it is mental. you betcha, illness anulls a crime only if it is mental illness

Jane Fonda's mother committed suicide after learning of her husband's interest in a much younger woman, Susan Blanchard.

well you see, the giraffes will get sad when their mother gets mauled by a lion. so sad that they commit suicide. then their best friend giraffe commits suicide, then that giraffes family and friends commit suicide, and it goes on and on. suicide is not a joke. bottom line; refrigerator.

she saved peoples lives by convinving them not to commit suicide.

No, they both died from natural causes, Hitler's mother died from cancer.

His mother (whose name is unknown) commited suicide when Fredrick was seven. She was depressed, because of her separation from Fredrick due to slavery.actually she didnt

Yes, and No. Your mother is not a caterpillar yet, but in 17 weeks and 4 days, your mother will have sexual intercourse with a caterpillar and will somehow become one. Your father will then commit suicide. You will be a wreck.

There are a lot of things that can lead a person to do that. No single one cause can drive a person like that. just my opinion. But yes, one's mother can contribute.

The children lose their mother. If the mother attempted suicide, fails, and goes go jail, then the kids would go to the father. If the father is unavailable, or unwilling to take the kids, the children would go to their grandparents, then to Uncle or aunts, god parents and lastly foster care. If the mother attempted suicide, but fails, and does not go to jail, the first option is that the kids stay with her.

Yes, only if the father/mother is no longer around, or living and if the child has no other family.

NO!!!!!!!! Keiko Fuji, whose real name is Junko Utada the mother of Utada Hikaru killed herself she was 62

Because she killed the mother of her adopted baby and then buried the body. She killed herself because one of her neighbors found out and threatened to tell.

Yes, the Bloody Baron did commit suicide after he unwillingly murdered Rowena Ravenclaw's daughter, Helena, after Rowena herself sent for her while she was lying on her deathbed. Her daughter refused to come because she had stolen her mother's tiara or diadem, though her mother knew but never brought it up after it had been gone for years. answered by RoSeWeAsLeY

He represented Christina Riggs, a mother who had smothered and killed her own two children and then tried to commit suicide herself. She was put to death in 2000.

Yes, it is true. In 1984, a French fan committed suicide after his mother refused to allow him to have plastic surgery to make him appear more like Michael Jackson.

rene magrittes mother committed suicide in the river sambre i think the reason why she committed suicide because of depression

He didn't purposely do it. Jason walked in front of the car as Bart and Sinead were driving as he was trying to commit suicide caused by his family (his mother especially) refusing to accept him as Jason.

Anne-Marie Hochalters mother did. She had been battling depression for a few years and Anne-Marie being shot and paralyzed sent her over the edge.

Holden has a strong bond with his sister. He can't commit suicide because for one he doesn't want people looking at his dead body when he has passed away. Holden feels that if he is still here and alive his mother will be fine. If he is dead Holden's mother will go into a state of depression and he doesn't want her to feel like that. Holden loves Phoebe and he doesn't want her to turn out like he has. He is depressed and uses a lot of defense mechanisms because of Allie's death and if he died Pheobe would turn out to be like him.

He is suggesting that if it were not divinely prohibited he'd commit suicide. He is very disturbed over the death of his father and remarriage of his mother as the balance of the soliloquy shows.

She got tired of being both mother and wife and felt there was no more spark in her marriage. When a glass broke while she was doing the dishes and she was accidentally cut, it gave her an idea to commit suicide.

cry to you mother while eating a bagel with cream cheese and sue JaGex LTD, then pretend you'll commit suicide unless they make you mod and give you free unlimited membership with any item you want =]

Depends, are you feeling suicidal?

She put her head in the oven.