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Q: Can 14 year olds work in Florida?
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Where can 14-year-olds work in Florida?


can 14 year olds work there how much dose the job pay for 14 year olds ?

can 14 year olds work there?

Where can 14-year olds work in Florida?

you can start working in the state of florida at the age of 14 . their are so limitations that you can read about if you go to .

Where can 14 year olds work this summer?

14 year olds can work at a summer camp but it depence on what camp it is

What is the winn dixie working age?

In Florida 14 and 15 year olds can work as baggers on the weekends. 16 and 17 year olds can work up to 30 hours during the week.

Who hires 14 year olds in florida?


Where can 14 yr olds work?

14 year olds can work at Cousin Subs, Mcdonalds, subway

Are there Jobs in South Florida hiring 14 year-olds?

no there are not

What retail stores can 14 year olds work at?

14 year olds cannot work in any retail store. No 14 year old in the United States can work legally in any store.

What companies hire 14 year olds in Florida?

publix, winn dixie

Is it legal for 14 year olds to work?


Can 14 year olds work at Wendy's?

Def not.

Why cant 14 year olds work?

They can... :S

Can you work at braums at the age of 15 without a work permit?

No, you have to be at lead 16 to work without a permit. 14-year-olds and 15-year-olds can work there IF they have a permit

Where can 14 year olds work in ct?

at a strip club

Where is a good place to work for 14 year olds?


14-year-old jobs in crestview Florida?

Publix. They haveabout 3 jobs for 14-year-olds. Cashier, florist, and bagger.

Where can a 14-year old get a job in Lee's Summit MO?

Im 14 and I work at a vet. 14 year olds can work most places with requirements .

Can 14 year olds work at Walgreen's?

you have to be 16 to work as a cashier and 18 to work in photo.

Summer jobs for 14 and 15 years olds in shreveport Louisiana?

u can try to work at watertown...they hire 14 year olds

Is there jobs in Florida for 12 year olds?

I can't believe that person put that I have the same question to... so rude, man I don't know about 12 year olds except working in your neighborhood for it, impervise, ask them " Do you hate taking out your trash or washing your dishes," etc. But for 14 year olds you can work at publix.

Where can 14 year-olds work at mervyn's in phoenix AZ?

They Cant

Can 14-year-olds work at McDonald's?

no. i think you have to be 15 and older

What jobs in queens new york allows 14 year olds to work there?

jobs dont really hire 14 year olds ..usually the age they want is 16+

Can 14 year olds work at wal-mart?

Yes i have worked there since the age of 14!

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