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Can 22 inch wheels fit on a 1968 Chevy Nova?

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Ya if the body sits high enough, if have weak springs or is lowered they wont

2006-08-20 04:17:11
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305 inch displacement in liters Chevy Nova?

In litres?, 5.0

What size wheels does the 2008 Chevy Cobalt have?

The 2008 Chevrolet cobalt came standard with 14 inch wheels. 16 inch wheels were available as an option to buyers.

What are some of the sizes that the Chevy Dually wheels come in?

Chevy Dually wheels usually come in the 16 inch diameter size. You can find Chevy Dually wheels from the autos section on Kijiji or the autos section on eBay.

Do wheels 22 inch and tires 305 22 inch fit a 1999 Chevy silverado?

Yes they will. I have 305 24" wheels for my 01 Tahoe. They fit well.

Can you fit 24 inch rims on a 1978 Chevy Nova?

Yes you can but it involves shaping the arches of the car around the 24 inch rims.

Will 16 inch wheels fit a 2005 Chevy silverado Z71 with 17 inch stock wheels?

No 16 in wheels will not fit because of the brake caliper, but some aftermarket wheels could work. Grinding 1/16 of an inch should clear the wheel. I'm doing it to my truck today.

Will 22x12-inch rim fit on the back of a 1973 Chevy Nova?

Not without tubbing the car.

What size rear end does a 1973 Chevy Nova?

8, and a 1/2 inch ring gear.

What it the correct size harmonic balancer for a 1968 396 Chevy?

8 inch balancer.

What is the Wheel size for a 1963 Chevy Nova?

13 inch, 4 lug, and I think 5 inches wide.

Will 16 inch wheels off of a Toyota truck fit a 99 Chevrolet siverado?

If they are both 6 lug they should fit, the toyota wheels are usually not as wide as the chevy wheels

Will 24 inch wheels fit on a 1998 Chevy blazer?

yea but you have to get a lift and shave wheel wells

What is factory wheel size on 1998 Chevy s-10?

wheels or tires? the wheels are 15 inch the tire size is 235/70/15

Can 17 inch rims fit on 16 inch wheels?

No, 17 inch rims can not fit on 16 inch wheels.

Will 22 inch wheels fit on a 1988 Chevy Caprice without rubbing?

in order for 22 to fit your 1988 caprice you will have to lift your car 4 to 5 inch

Will 31 inch tires fit on stock 97 Chevy wheels?

no way will 31in tire fit on a stock chevy blazer the tires will rub on thewheel wells

Will 17 inch rims fit a 2004 Chevy Malibu?

Depending on the displacement of the wheel, but I have 17" wheels on my 03' Malibu!

Do wheels for 185 70 r14 tires fit 205 70 r15 tires?

Of course not you cannot install 15 inch tires on 14 inch wheels or vice versa. 14 inch wheels require 14 inch tires, and 15 inch wheels require 15 inch tires.

What is the standard wheel size on a citroen ax gt?

The standard wheel size is a 16 inch wheels. There are options available for larger wheels, such as a 17 inch, 20 inch, and 22 inch wheels.

Will 22 inch wheels fit a 2005 Chevy impala whats the right size tires?

try 265/35/22.

Do twenty inch rims off a 1999 Lexus fit a 1996 Chevy blazer?

No thay will not. Car and truck wheels will not interchange.

Can I put 15 inch wheels on a car that has 16 inch wheels?

Will a Ford Taurus 2006 wheels fit a Kia Soul 2012

Can 13 inch wheels fit on 14 inch alloy wheels and is it legal?

uuummm no it wont fit..

What size rims for the koenigsegg CCXR?

The front wheels are 19 inch and the rear wheels are 20 inch.

What were the original wheels and tires on a 69 Chevy Impala?

They were definitely 15 inch rims and the tires were most likely 205/75R-15