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Can 2 220 circuits share one ground?

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Yes they should, since there is only one earth, no seriously all earths in a ac system should be joined together.

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How many outlets can you run one 220 line?

220 volt circuits are normally designated circuits. They are designed to run only one 220 volt outlet.

Is it possible to change 220volt to two 110volt?

The answer is yes, provided your 220 line has with it a ground wire (usually white). You simple connect two wires to the white ground wire that runs with the other two 220 wires (red and black). These will be used as ground wires for your 110's and should also be white. You can then use one of these two ground wires with one of the 220 wires ( say the red one) to form a 110 circuit. You then use the other ground wire with the black 220 wire to form your other 110 circuit. This will probably not satisfy your local housing code. If you do this I suggest not using more then 5 amps in each of your 110 circuits. No more then 5 light bulbs per circuit.

On a 220 receptacle I read 120 on one blade and 30 on the other?

A 220 receptacle has 110 on 2 blades and the other blade is a ground.

What is the fifth wire in a 5 wire 220 circuit?

Three phases, one neutral and a GROUND

Which is the positive terminal on a 3 prong 220 power cord?

A 220 volt power cord has 2 positive terminals. The will look the same. The one that is different will be the ground.

What do ground do in a circuit?

Circuits are on the ground for a few reasons one is to prevent contact with dangerous voltage if the electrical insulation fails. Also been on the ground limits the build- up of electricity static.

How can you make two 110V single phase circuits from one 220V single phase circuit?

A 220 single phase has two hot wires and a ground wire (green). You need one of the hot wires, a netural wire and a ground wire to make a 110 circuit. Now the 220 has a hot and a ground but no netural so you have to make a netural out of a separate wire. There are a lot more things to know and do, IE. safety first always disconnect the power and lock it out. 220 usually has a double pole breaker, do you have fuses or breakers. 110 needs a single pole breaker. Electricity is dangerous if you do not know, do not try, it will kill you, get an electrican or someone who knows to show you ONLY. TOUGH LOVE LARRY....

What are two examples of series circuits?

Series circuits, I'm doing my junior cert science so this may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure an example would be Christmas lights. If one blows they all are extinguished, because they share the one current of electricity. Car lights are parallel circuits.... I can't think of another series one, but I hope I helped a bit.

What is the purpose of neutral wire?

It returns current from the appliance to the load center in a 110v or a split 110/220 circuit. Not all circuits have neutral wires. Your water heater doesn't have one.

What is a reference node and how is it used in the analysis of dc circuits?

It is the ground node. You need to find all extraordinary nodes when using node-voltage analysis; choose one to be ground. It can be selected arbitrarily.

In a LAN how is a hub different from a switch?

Switch breaks collision domains, creates virtual circuits for each connection also it does not share bandwidth of one port with others.

Is the battery in an Sl500 battery positive or negative ground?

Batteries are neither positive nor negative ground. It is the circuit itself that determines the common ground. For example: If I have two circuits, one needing 6vdc negative ground and the other needing 6vdc positive ground, the battery would be installed the same way in both circuits (positive terminal on the battery to the positive connection in the circuit, regardless of whether the circuit is positive or negative ground). The reason for labeling the ground as Positive or Negative has more to do with how the circuit is wired up, than the actual voltage source. The explanation for that is beyond the scope of this answer.

Series circuits and parallel circuits how do they differ?

In a series circuit there is only one path for electron flow. In parallel circuits there is a choice.

What is one half breaker scheme used for 400220kv substation?

a method of interconnecting several circuits and breakers in a switchyard so that three circuit breakers can provide dual switching to each of two circuits by having the circuits share one of the breakers, thus a breaker and one-half per circuit; this scheme provides reliability and operating flexibility, and is generally used at 500 kV when more than five lines terminate in a substation.

What is one way parallel circuits are more useful that series circuits?

farts and poptarts

How do you get 220 volt single phase from 480 volt 3 phase?

220 volt single phase from 480 volt 3 phase that one wire taken one phase and second wire connected in earth point. we get 220 v The above answer is incorrect, one phase from a three phase 480 volt system will give you 277 volts to ground. You must use a transformer to get the voltage you need.

How do you know if a tail light is grounded?

One possible answer is: The taillight will not be lit. Next: a voltmeter is useful to see if 12 volts in on the plus 12 volt supply wire to the lamp. If 12 volts is on the ground wire then the bulb is good but the ground wire is not tied to the ground circuits.

What is the Hot wire blue or green?

The "hot" wire between these two coloured wires will be the blue one. The green colour is always used as ground in electrical circuits.

What times what makes 220?

How about 22 times 10 = 220 as one example

Why wouldn't you want the circuits in your home to be series circuits?

Because if one circuit went out (a light bulb for instance) all other circuits would fail. If one light goes out they all go out.

Can you add a grounding bar to an 100 amp electrical load center that does not have one?

Yes. In fact, in order to be used, the load center must either have a ground bus pre-installed or you must install one yourself. Without a ground bus, you would not have a way to properly ground your branch circuits and your entire electrical service/subservice.

How many miles in 220 meters?

there are 1609.344 metres in one mile, so 220 metres = 220 / 1609.344 = 0.1367 miles

How many solutions are there to equation 220 equals 2x-12x?

Only one. 2x - 12x = 220 -10x = 220 x= 220/-10 x = -22

Can you share a neutral with different circuits on different phases?

Yes, this is done on star (wye) systems where one neutral is used for three phase wires. e.g. 120/208 voltage system.

How many yards are there in 220 feet?

There are 3 feet in one yard. Therefore, 220 feet is equal to 220 / 3 = 73.3 recurring (that is, 73.333...) or 73 and one third yards.