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You need to use premium fuel, the fuel u are using can cause predetonation, and cause knock. Which will ruin your engine

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Why does your 1999 gtp have hesitation when you accelerate from a stop?

It could be that you are not using high enough octane gas in it?

What type of fuel does 1998 ford escort zx2 use?

You are only supposed to use 87 octane fuel in the ZX2 escorts according to the owners manual. I haven't noticed a difference if you use a higher octane rating

Can you mix 87 octane and 91 octane? can mix any octane with any other octane

How much octane does regular gas have?

There is no octane in gasoline... it is the equivalent of octane.

What is the best octane Booster on the market I have 100 Octane Fule what Octane Booster will make my 100 Octane 110 or clost to it 110.?

NOS octane booster

Can you use regular gas in a 1997 J30?

If you mean "leaded" gas (it it's even available), then the answer is no. It will damage the catalytic converter. Infiniti recommends and octane rating of at least 91. An octane rating of 87 can be used temporarily, as long as you don't accelerate abruptly and only fill the tank partially full.

Iupac name for octane?

IUPAC name for octane is 2,3,7 trimethyl octane

How many molecules are in octane?

The chemical formula of octane is C8H18 - and this is the molecule of octane !

What octane is kerosene?

It has no octane rating.

Is octane an acid?

Octane is a hydrocarbon.

How is octane used?

Octane has not special application excepting the so-called octane number.

What could cause a loud rattling like a can of marbles dragging on the ground when you accelerate?

Sounds like the heat shield on the catalytic convertor or the muffler has broken free on one of the mounts and is rattling from the increase in R.P.M.'s.Dont rule out Knocking. try some higher octane fuel or some octane boost.

What percent 93 octane 87 octane to make 89 octane?

65% of 87 and 35% 93 to make 89 octane gas

Where is octane found?

Octane is found in poop

How do you measure octane in fuel?

with an octane mesurer

What is the chemical equation for octane?

Octane is C8H18 .

Is octane a substance or mixture?

Octane is a substance.

What is the octane rating of methanol?

The octane rating of methanol depends on the octane rating scale measurement type used, n-Heptane is the zero point of the octane rating scale then the octane rating of methanol is 115

What octane for 2002 883 sportster?

87 octane

Is octane an alkane?

Octane is an alkane and has the formula C8H18.

Do cars burn pentane or octane?

Mostly octane.

Where does octane come from?

Octane is obtained by distillation from petrol.

Will CaCl2 dissolve in octane?

No. CaCl2 will not dissolve in octane.

Does compression ratio effect octane requirements?

Yes, the higher the compression ratio, the more octane the fuel has to be. Anything over 10.0:1 has to be 91 or higher. However, if performance is not an issue, than you can use any type of fuel you want, but car will not accelerate fast and its torque curve will be very bad. Using low octane fuel in a high compression engine will also cause knocking (pinging, pinking). This will cause damage if continued.

Can I use Gasoline octane 91 instead of octane 95 for Lexus 350 ES year 2009?

You should be fine with 91 octane. The higher the octane, the more you engine will like it, but 91 octane is enough for your ES 350.

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