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Not without A LOT of modification.

Answeryea they will fit but you will have to switch over to the newer style valve covers because of different bolt patterns AnswerYes they'll fit, but like answer #1 some modifications. Two intake bolts are angled different, than the others. You'll also have to change valve covers. I have a set of LT1 heads with 202 160 valves, ported and polished and seven sixteen screw in studs and a hv1000 brodix intake and its fast. So it will work. also the heads have to be drilled for the water to flow through the intake. three holes alltogether(2holes drilled in between center exhaust ports below spark plugs on each head.

Not mentioned above is the fact that the LT1 heads have to be welded in 4 places or water will flow into the intake valley on a gen 1 block. GMPP has a carb manifold with provisions for a distributor for a LT1 that I used on my LT1 head on Gen 1 conversion. I also drilled and tapped the front of the heads for water return.

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Q: Can 94 LT1 350 heads fit on a 88 350 block and what intake should you use?
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Will the heads and intake off your 1996 350 fit on your 1992 block?

a 350 is a small block those heads will fit on and Chevy SMALL block not a big block

Can a 1992 gmc 350 tbi intake manifold bolt up to a 1976 gmc 350 block or change the heads too?

It should bolt up without changing the heads.

Can you take heads an intake off an 1988 350 motor an put on a 1985 350 block?


Can you put the intake and heads off of a 94 silverado on to a 70or80 model 350?

Yes. they didnt change the 350 block very much.

What will i have to do to put 1990 350 heads on a 1985 350 block?

The 85 intake manifold won't work with the 90 heads, so you will need to purchase an aftermarket intake if you want to use a carburetor or use a 87 to 95 intake if you want to change over to TBI.

Can you put 1994 350 heads and intake and throttle body on a 1998 vortec 350 block?

LT1 gen 2 to LS1 gen 3 no

Is there an adapter for this I Want to put a 78 350 into 96 Tahoe but intake is vortec is there an adapter or different intake that you can get?

there is no adapter. vortec heads were cut at a diffrent slope than standard sbc heads. you can swap the heads on the 78 350 for vortech heads or get a multipoint fuel injection intake for a 85 - 95 350. you can get the intake from You will have to swap the heads and the intake

Will 1975 Chevy 350 heads fit a 1988 gmc 350?

the heads should fit as long as your not trying to put them on a big block

How do you get into the engine block of a small block 350?

Remove:IntakeHeadsHarmonic balancerTiming coverOil panAll internal components of the block are exposed.

Will 350 heads fit a 400 block?

350 heads will bolt to the 400 block. They will need to be drilled for the "steam ports" in the 400 block.

Will Chevy 5.0 heads and intake fit a 5.7 short block Chevy engine?

Depending on years that you are swapping around....yes. The 305 heads will raise the compression of the 350 considerably. However, the intake valves are a lot smaller than the 350.

Will 1995 Chevrolet 350 intake fit a 1997 vortec heads?

will 1995 Chevrolet 350 intake fit a 1997 vortec heads

Will a block from a 350 5.7 work with heads from a 305 5.0 and 305 intake 1998 If the 350 is not a vortec?

No it Has a different bolt pattern because of the engine size

Will a 76 short block work with 92 heads and intake?

yes! depending on the block. ie. a 350 or 305 will work with newer heads and intakes. as long as you have the correct gasket. the heads can not be reverse flow. they will not work without modification.

Can you put your Chevy 350 1983 intake and heads on a 1989 t.b.i Chevy 350 block will it work?

Yes you can but you will need to modify the bolt holes in the intake manifold. The TBI intake 4 center bolts, 2 on each side will not line up with the heads. Must drill them out just a little.

Will 1999 vortec heads fit a 1990 350 block?

Yes , but you will need a tbi intake to fit vortec heads if you retain the 90 TBI fuel system.

Can you use a 1988 Chevy 350 heads on a 1992 block with the use of the 1992 intake?

Yes They will bolt right on with out changing anything

What kind of hp could you get from a 350 block bored 60 over a 400 crank with 305 closed chambered heads?

Depending on your intake system, you should be anywhere from 360 to 380.

Can you put a 350 intake manifold on to a 283 block?

yes all sbc manifolds will fit, when you get to cyl heads then you will have trouble since most aftermarket are for 350 bore which is larger

Can you put 1997 350 vortec heads and intake on a 1980 350?

yes they will fit, but you will need an intake manifold compatible with vortec heads if you plan on reusing the carburetor

Can you replace a vortec 350 short block with a earlier generation block?

yes ,I have change one out with a old 350 it had lot more power . I used the old heads to with vortec intake you have to slot the four bolt holes .but it will work.

How much does a 350 sbc weigh with aluminum heads and intake carb headers alternator water pump?

350 chevy with aluminum heads and intake carb and headers weigh

Can you use a 1997 350 short block with 1992 350 cylinder heads?

yes, you can use those heads. the block does have small changes to it but no problm will occur

Will 1979 305 heads fit a 1988 350 vortex block?

Yes they will, But you will have to drill the 4 center bolt holes out in the 88 intake to make it bolt up to the 305 heads. I don't no why anyone would want to put 305 heads on a 350 engine, The 350 will never run like it did before.

Will an intake manifold from an older 350 fit on a 350 with vortec heads?

No it will not, Totaley different.