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a diet can not effect the baby sex. once your pregnant the baby sex is already there

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Will drinking Diet Coke affect you getting pregnant?

Drinking diet coke has no influence on getting pregnant.

Are Indian woman hairy?

generally yes. this is because of genetics and also diet as spicey food and lemons tend in a pregnant womans diet tend to make their baby more hairy.

Can taking diet pills with Ephedra affect your future pregnancy?

Any type of diet pills including Ephedra can affect your future pregnancy. If you are pregnant, or considering getting pregnant, it would be best to consult a doctor for the best advice on what type of pills would be safe and acceptable to take.

What diet do mice have?

mice eat alot of food as babys how old is your mouse?

What does a pregnant woman need in her diet?

a pregnant woman need lots of calcium and iron in her diet

Do slimming pills affect the birth control pill?

If you have sex you can get pregnant, BCP help prevent pregnancy. Diet pills don't matter.

Does your gender affect your diet?

no, but it does affect your matabolism

What is the right diet for a pregnant woman?

The right diet is a balanced diet, just the same as when you're not pregnant. See the link below the ads for more specific information.

If your period is late does it mean your pregnant?

It can, but other things such as stress or a change in diet can affect your cycle. The only way to know for sure is to contact your doctor.

Do pregnant turtles eat a different diet than normal?

do pregnant turtles eat a different diet than an normal turtle?

Where can I find diet tips for someone who just had a baby?

http://www.indiaparenting.com/babys-diet/index.shtml is the best page out there. It's well structured and brings many information.

What are the main features of an alkaline diet?

The alkaline diet is a diet that is achieved by eating certain types of foods that will affect the pH of the blood. This diet has the belief that it can affect the urine and blood pH.

Is it good to be on a grapefruit diet while pregnant?

No you should not do the grapefruit diet while pregnant. The grapefruit diet is formulated for rapid weight loss and would not provide enough nutrients for the growing baby.

Could your diet affect your urine?

yes it can affect your urine

Can diet pills cause miscarriages?

There is no research on diet pills but you should never diet when pregnant. If you are obese you have to consult your doctor. You are also supposed to gain weight when pregnant. We don't know what effect they have on a fetus.

If you are not pregnant why are you late?

Stress most likely. Sometimes you diet can affect the timing, especially if you have lost or gained a lot of weight recently. Water consumption can mess with it, too.

Does Diet Coke affect your metabolism?

The term Diet is what usually draws people's attentions to diet sodas such as Diet Coke. However, you may want to consider that Diet Coke does affect your metabolism, and not in a good way. It can slow your body down and give you a feeling of sluggishness that will adversely affect what you are trying to do to increase your metabolism.

Is diet 7-up safe for pregnant women or women trying to get pregnant?

Diet seven-up is a soda. It is not harmful to pregnant women but you would be better off drinking juice, water or milk - rather than filling up on any diet soda.

Can you continue to diet when pregnant?

Yes. You can continue to diet. But you need to be under supervision of your physician and/or dietitian.

How does an unbalanced diet affect your health?

an unbalanced diet can affect your body by not eating enough fruit and veg and not doing enough exercise

Can diet while pregnant?

You can, but it isn't wise to do so.

How does diet affect sport performance?

Diet affects your sport performance because if you have the right diet then you will not have energy and fitness.

Can you go on a diet while pregnant?

Only if your Dr tells you that you can. If your Dr says no, there are also pregnant work-out videos for pregnant women.

How do diet and exercise affect the skeletal system?

diet and exercise affect the skeletal system by making your bones stronger and making you more supple.

What diet should be taken for men to get a girl pregrent?

No particular diet is required for a man to get a girl pregnant.

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