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Can Adderall and Risperdal be taken together?

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Yes. Using a stimulant--Adderall, Ritalin (methylphenidate), Concerta (extended release methylphenidate, and others--along with the atypical antipsychotics (such as Risperdal, Seroquel, Zyprexa, Ability) is often done, usually if aggression is present with the ADHD or if mood symptoms, such as bipolar symptoms are present. There can be side effects associated with this combination; this usually occurs when one or the other is removed or started. (in the realm of motor movements--known as dyskinesias). Folks on a stable combination don't usually have this problem. This problem particular problem goes away once doses are adjusted. Most folks don't experience this particular side effect.

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Can risperdal and Vicodin be taken together?

Can Vicodin and Resperidone be taken together

If risperdal and depakote are taken together can that cause acid reflux?

yes it can

Can you take Adderall instead of risperdal?

Answer: I don't know your current situation, and I'm no doctor, but I can tell you one thing, if you are prescribed Risperdal, one of the worst things you can take is Adderall. Risperdal is used as one of the many anti-psychotics sometimes prescribed to patients who are addicted to amphetamies such as Adderall. Adderall taken over a long period of time or that is abused can cause severe addiction. Withdrawal symptoms include that of someone with paranoid schizophrenia. So if you are prescribed the Risperdal for schizophrenia or some kind of other mental-illness including anxiety disorders, please do not take Adderall. If you were previously on Adderall and then you were prescribed Risperdal to deal with the withdrawal symptoms then you shouldn't start taking the Adderall again. That is a very bad idea, it will only prolong your addiction, and cause your withdrawal symptoms to be much worse. However, this is really a decision you should make with the guidance of your doctor. hope this helps, Megan.**********

Can synthroid and Adderall be taken together?

No, Synthroid and Adderall should not be taken together. Mixing the two drugs can cause adverse reactions. It is best to just take one at a time.

What are drug precautions taking an antihistamine with adderall?

The precaution is that the effectiveness of the adderall and/or the antihistamine may be reduced when the medicines are taken together.

Can adderall xr 25 mg and zoloft100mg be taken togather?

These two medication should not be taken together.

What are the effects of adderall lorazepam and hydrocodone taken together?

what are the affest of taking hydrocone &lorazepam

Seroquel and risperdal be taken together?

Yes theres no problem with that. just watch the dose dont take too much of both

Is it ok to mix risperdal and marijuana?

I've been on Risperdal for most of my life and I've been smoking marijuana for about a year. I don't think that there have been any severe side effects since I have taken the two together.

Can you mix risperdal and xanax together?


Can Adderall be taken bactrim?

Can you take Bactrim with adderall

Can you take risperdal and phenergan together?

can you take respiridal and Phenergan together

Can rispordal mixed with lorazepam be fatal?

Any drug or household product can be fatal if not taken or used correctly. If taken under the supervision of a doctor, risperdal and lorazepam are not contraindicated, and that means that they can be taken together if taken as they are prescribed, in the correct dosage.

Can you take flexeril with Adderall?

A person should only take flexeril with Adderall if the doctor has given permission. Always ask a doctor or pharmacist what medicines can be taken together.

Can Adderall taken with Zoloft?

Yes; you can. I'm taking that combination now. Works great together; At least for me it does.

Can you take naproxen with Adderall xr?

Yes you can. Naproxen is an NSAID like Advil. I am prescribed it for menstrual cramps and I am also prescribed Adderall XR. I've taken them together before.

What are all the ADHD medications?

Ritalin Adderall Vyvanse Intuniv Strattera Provigil or Modafanil Wellbutrin The Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCA) Risperdal

What condition will adderall and seroquel treat when taken together?

ADHA Be careful with that combination That could/will make you very sluggish

Can benedryl be taken in place of Adderall?

........ Adderall is an amphetamine and will keep you awake. Benedryl usually puts you to sleep. Do you mean taking benedryl to fall asleep after you've taken adderall??

Can Adderall and adipex be taken at the same time?

Since they are in the same class, you shouldn't be taking them together. They are both amphetamine derivatives.

Can you take Concerta and risperdal together?

Yes you can take the two together. My granddaughter takes both.

Can citalopram be taken with adderall xr?


Can vicoprofen and Adderall be taken together?

Vicoprofen (hydrocodone and tylenol) can be taken with adderall is reasonable doses. If taken recreationally, in other words, to get "high", the risk of a fatality increases. Adderall increases desire for certain things. If you are addicted to Vicoprofen and you take a lare amounth of adderall, say (30-60mg) your first time, the desire for large doses of hydrocodone with increase severely. This is not a proven statement but has been noticed in smokers, drug addicts, and anxiety patients.

Can Lamictal and Adderall be taken together?

In the case of my daughter, diagnosed with ADHD, BiPolar syndrome, and a seizure disorder, yes. A neurologist working in concert with a psychiatrist prescribed 30mg. Adderall and 200mg. Lamictal QD.

Can Adderall and clonidine be taken together?

I take it every day together but make note it will make your eyes very heavey feeling about 2 hours after taking the clonidine

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