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I wouldn't recommend trying it without consulting your doctor first, it could be very dangerous indeed.

Adderall and Xanax

My doctor prescribed me Adderall and xanax (well actually niravam which is the same active ingredient in an instant dissolve form) at the same time. His only concern was that prescribing a medicine to treat anxiety with one that can cause it would be counterproductive. He said there weren't any major health issues.

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I'm Leum and this is a separate answer based upon my personal experiences and research. I agree that you should only take adderall and xanax with a doctor's approval, but since you state that you have the doctor's approval and he claims there are no major health issues, you needn't be concerned.

I have personally been on a combination of adderall and xanax or Valium for many many years, and it is quite effective for me. People react differently to medications and I assume that you have ADD or ADHD since you are being prescribed adderall. I too have ADHD and just adderall by itself has a calming and focusing effect on me. adderall, although an amphetamine, does not create the typical non ADHD person's response as my biochemistry and physiology is different.

Due to stress and anxiety, I also require either the xanax or Valium. The combination works very well for me, and so long as you watch for drug dependency problems whereby you begin increasing the dosages at a steady pace, you'll be okay. Just taper off when you want to stop taking the medications as both can be psychologically addicting, and the xanax or Valium can cause physical addiction whereby you can suffer dangerous and even life threatening withdrawal. But again, tapering off by slowly reducing the dosage over a period of time is not difficult.

One final comment is that when you initiate therapy, don't be overly concerned about increasing dosage until you reach the point where you find relief. Then once you have found your own proper dosage, you should not require to increase from there, else you may be developing addictive behaviors.

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Q: Can Adderall be combined with Xanax?
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Is overdose of xanax and Adderall lethal?

Yes, Xanax is a "upper" while Adderall is used to loose hyperactivity.

Does adderall and xanax show up the same in urine?

No, adderall shows up as amphetamines xanax shows as benzos

Can you take Adderall with xanax?

No, you cannot take Adderall with Xanax. Xanax is a downer, while Adderall is an upper. Mixing the two could cause severe side effects.

Drugs combined with Adderall to increase effects?

Caffeine, marijuana. Cigarettes seem to be phenomenal when on Adderall. And Xanax or some kind of benzo. It doesn't exactly increase the Adderall, but the two combined give you a really nice high. Also taking tums or baking soda or something like that will make the Adderall kick in faster and stay around longer.

Why does psychiatrist precribe Adderall an Xanax together?

Because Adderall is presdcribed for the treatment of ADHD, depression, and narcolepsy. If you have either of these(or similar diseases) you will be prescribed Adderall. Xanax is prescribed for people with anxiety, insomnia and epilepsy. So if you were for example a patient with ADHD and anxiety you may be prescribed Xanax and Adderall.

Which Is better Adderall or Xanax for anxiety?

These are 2 totally different medications. Adderall is a stimulant used to treat ADHD and Xanax is a sedative used for anxiety. So to answer your question, xanax is better.

Adderall or Xanax for a drivers test?


Does xanax half life affect adderall?


Is it safe to take adderall when you are taking Xnax?

You really shouldn't be on a prescription for Adderall and Xanax at the same time. It's possible that Adderall could potentiate the effects of the xanax. That means that if you mix them, you normal dose of Xanax could knock you out. It also depends on if you are taking Adderall because you have been diagnosed with ADD. The effects of Adderall are different for people who do not have ADD.

Side effect of Wellbutrin and Adderall?

what mood stabilizer can i take with prozac, wellbutrin,adderall and xanax?

Handling adderall withdrawals?

weed, xanax, or alchohol

Will xanax show up on a drug test if you are on adderall?

Yes. Without a doubt. Adderall is a stimulant while Xanax is a benzodiazepine. Both are tested for on most drug tests.

Can you mix adderall with methadone and Xanax?

yeah i take 70mg of methadone a day.. percribed 4mg of xanax and 2mg of klonopin a day and abuse adderall on the streeets lol no perciption for that.. lol YET

What are the side effects of mixing Adderall with benzodiazepines?

I take 60mg adderall and 2mg of xanax and it holds me at a level where my anxiety is lessond.

Can you take adderall and Xanax?

Adderall is an upper and Xanax is a downer. I love my Adderall the first day but I take more than I am suppose to, so by the second day I do get a little anxious so I will take just a half of what I normally would take and then try to calm down on how much I take of the Adderall. Just be carefull... It is not good to take them both together like normal cause it defeats the puropse. But if Adderall does make you have anxiety xanax will help take the edge off! Im not a doc but I have quite the experience with the stuff.

Can I mix Xanax an adderall together?

Yeah! Swim finds it to be one of his favorite combinations! always 2 part adderall to 1 part xanax, and maybe another xannie when youre coming down. energy minus the edge..

What happens when you mix adderall with a xanax bar?

you will feel awesome then depressed when it wears off

Is it safe to take adderall and Lexapro and xanax?

What are the interactions betwen xanex lexapro and adderal

Is it okay to mix xanax and Adderall?

If you are on adderall can you take alprozalam as directed also? The simple answer is absolutely, yes. There is no evidence that shows mixing benzodiazepines with a amphetamine causes a negative interaction.

Can marijuana and xanax combined get you high?

Yes, very much so.

Can you take zomig if you have taken xanax?

zanax combined w-zomig

What is safe to take with Adderall xr for occasional anxiety?

Ativan, Xanax, Klonopin ~ all the benzos. I take 60 XR Adderall per day and about 3 Ativan 2 mg.

Can you mix adderal with Xanax?

Both can be prescribed concurrently in cases where someone has ADHD and an anxiety disorder, or ADHD and a sleep disorder. However, the depressant effects of the xanax will counteract the stimulant properties of the Adderall, and Xanax is known to decrease attention span / concentration.

Can you take Wellbutrin xanax and adderall xr together?

Yes you can. My pych has me on clonazapam which is a benzo like xanax except it is just has a longer half life then the xanax. And he scribed me wellbutrin, and adderall 20mg 2 times a day, so i can only assume it is safe. Considering that my psychiatrist is chief of psychiatry in my city and he sais that i should not worry so neither should you. Just make sure to take the prescribed dosage.

How do i pass a drug test after i took 1 and a half xanax bars and 1 30mg Adderall?

You don't. You shouldn't have taken the drugs.