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yes but only albino ones or white Bengal tigers. White Bengal tigers are white with black stripes

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Q: Can Bengal Tigers be white
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Are white tigers and white Bengal tigers the same?

No, actually there is no such thing as white Bengal tigers. Bengal tigers are orange with black stripes, and Siberian Tigers(white tigers striped in black). Siberian tigers are the same as White tigers.

Is a Bengal tiger the same thing as a white tiger?

A white tiger is a variation of the Bengal tiger that is white with black stripes instead of orange with black stripes. All white tigers are Bengal tigers, but not all Bengal tigers are white tigers.

Are the white Bengal tigers related to the bengal tigers?

White tigers are Bengals, normally. They have a genetic defect that makes them white. White tigers can appear at anytime in a Bengal tiger litter. They are not a seperate subspecies.

Are white Bengal tigers and Bengal tigers the same species?

Yes. A Bengal tiger is normally white, but can be orange.

What are the ancestors of the white Bengal tiger?

the ancestor of the white bengal tigers are saber-toothed tigers

Why is white tigers and bengal tigers are friends?

The white tiger is, at least originally, a Bengal tiger color morph. White tigers occur very rarely in Bengal tiger litters, and are sometimes bred with Siberian tigers to make white Bengal/Siberian hybrids.

How are white Bengal tigers and white Siberian tigers different?

White Bengal tigers are the ONLY white tiger, white Siberian tigers do not exist. People just mistake white Bengals for siberians.

What is the white Bengal tigers defensiveness?

white Bengal tigers defensenesses are to jump on the prey and tear at the flesh

What are the names of the breeds that mix to make white Bengal tigers?

White Bengal Tigers are a color variant of the Bengal tiger there is no mixture of breeds.

What is more endangered white Bengal tigers or white Siberian tigers?

White Bengal tigers are the ONLY white tiger and are only found in zoos, the white is just a genetic mutation. white Siberian tigers do not exist.

How tall are white tigers in inches?

All Bengal tigers are around three feet at the shoulder. White tigers are a rare color variant of Bengal tigers.

Are white tigers only Bengal tigers?

As a natural event, yes. But there are white Siberian/Bengal hybrids in captivity.

What are the close relatives to white tigers?

Bengal tigers

Can white tigers be Bengal tigers yes or no?


What is the difference between white Siberian tigers and white Bengal tigers?

White tigers, unless created by captive hybridization, are Bengal tigers only. This subspecies seems to be the only one that carries the white recessive gene.

What state or contine do white tigers live?

White tigers are merely white Bengal tigers, and are found in India.

Are there such things as white tigers?

Yes. White tigers have a mutation in their genes that makes them white, and they are the offspring of siberian tigers and bengal tigers.

Why are the white bengal tigers endangered?

All Bengal tigers are endangered. The white is a rare color morph, found in normal litters.

Why are white Bengal tigers endangered?

All Bengal tigers are endangered. The white is a rare color morph, found in normal litters.

Where do white Bengal tigers tend to live?

Bengal tigers live in India, so they are also called Indian tigers.

In what hemisphere do white Bengal tigers live?

don't know about white Bengal tigers but royal Bengalian tigers live in sunder bans in India that is northern hemisphere

How does a white Siberian tigers adaptation?

White Siberian tigers do not exist. the only white tigers are Bengal tigers and they are only found in zoos.

What is the white tigers nickname?

the white Bengal tiger

Where are the white tigers found?

In zoos, it is the only place white Bengal tigers live.

Where are white tigers tracks?

In zoos, that is the only place white Bengal tigers live