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Yes they can.

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Q: Can Christians be buried on Sundays?
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Do Christians have a Shabbat?

Yes, on Sundays.

Do Christians have a sabbath?

Yes, on Sundays.

Where do Christians worship and on what day do they worship?

Primarily, Christians worship in churches on Sundays.

Why are Christians buried?

Christians are buried so their bodies remain on earth but their souls can go to heaven.

Why do christians have Sunday roast on Sundays?

Bakers were not allowed to bake bread on Sundays. They used their ovens to cook meat.

Is shrimp cocktail kosher?

Only on Sundays, after the Christians have had their fill.

What do Christians do on Sundays?

On a Sunday christians attend a church service, and meet each other and have fellowship after the service.

Why do Christians have special services on Sundays?

Because christians believe that Sunday was the day of rest and prayer so it's seen as a holy day and so that is the main day when christians have special services on Sundays.see link " How Sunday Became the Popular Day of Worship"

Most Christians usually attend religious services on?

Sundays, as Sunday is a holy day for Christians as the day on which Jesus resurrected from the dead.

When does advent begin?

For Christians it begins on the 29th of November 4 Sundays before Christmas

Where did Christians bury their dead persecutions?

The Christians, like many other Romans, buried their dead in the catacombs.

Did Early Christians in Rome cremated their dead?

No they buried the dead.

When do Greek orthodox people go to Church?

All Orthodox christians go to church on Sundays.

Where Jesus buried?

Christians believe Jesus wasn't buried because he rose from the dead and then went to heaven to be with his father (God)

How are Christians buried?

Usually in a coffin. There is no special way that a christian should be buried, the importance is in respecting the grief of their family and friends.

Where did Roman Christians bury their dead?

Romans buried their dead in the catacombs.

What was the name of the underground chamber in ancient Rome where Christians were buried?


What do christians do with the body when its dead?

They buried it in soil, in the place known as Crematorium

What is the place where Christians buried their dead in ancient rome?

They are called Catacombs

In the Lenten season can you take a break on Sundays?

Yes. lent is the forty days before Easter Day (sarting on Ash Wednesday) not counting Sundays. Most Christians though still regard the Sundays as 'part' of Lent, althoughif you are fasting, or giving up something, Sundays don't actually count.

Why is it so important for christians to go to church on Sundays?

Though going to church does not save you, it is important to learn from the Bible and to have fellowship with other Christians so that you can grow spiritually.

What is the purpose of Good Friday for christianity?

It's the day of when Jesus was buried. Not only is the day of when he was raised up important to Christians, but when he was buried.

What do most people do on Sundays?

Most people who believe in the Christian faith are typically attending church on Sundays. However, Christians may also attend church throughout the week, depending on their denomination.

When do you think everyone will have to worship on Sunday?

Sunday worship will never be for everyone. We know that for Jews the Sabbath can only be on Saturday. Muslims must perform their main worship on Fridays. Similarly, we can not expect Buddhists or Daoists to have a special worship day on Sundays, although the fact that Sundays are usually work-free days at least makes Sunday worship convenient. Atheists do not worship, so they would be exempt from any requirement to worship on Sundays.If we can not require non-Christians to worship on Sundays, why should we expect Christians, for whom Saturdays are the day of worship, to worship on Sundays?

Why do Christians keep Sundays for resting snd praying?

because monday to Saturday is jam-packed with molesting kids