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A DVD can not be used in a CD Player, but a CD can be used in a DVD Player.

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No! The eye is only formatted to TT2 CD device (CD's) U can play CD's in a DVD device.

Hard Disk is the same as Hard Drive which is a storage device. CD Drive is a device that reads cd/cd-r/cd-rw/dvd/dvd-r/dvd-rw.

An optical device can be used to store information by writing, saving, and burning data to a CD or DVD.

A CD, DVD or Blueray disk recorder player.

A DVD stores significantly more data than a CD can.

No. The DVD format can't be read by a CD.

a CD is an output device that can be used as a storage or input device

Yes. CD-RW and DVD drives can be either internal or external hardware devices.

Output. You insert a CD and show (play) the movie. A DVD Multi Recorder is an output and input device. You can insert a blank CD into it and record even pictures. Then you can click on play and play out of the CD right after you record into it.

A CD or DVD drive is a media device. Data is usually read from it, but data can also be sent to it if it has writing capabilities.

NO.. it is NOT! It is a CD-rom, DVD-rom ONLY device. You can read both CD's and DVD's with it, but not burn them. For that you need a CD-R or DVD-R, which the sd-c2402 is NOT!

An memory storage device that is literary on the outside of the computer case; such as a flash drive, CD, DVD, or external/portable hard drive.

I'm not sure what CD stands for, but I'm pretty sure that DVD stands for Digital Video Device

No Unless the marker is designed for DVD Or CD use.

Right Click "My computer" and click Manage Click Device Manager click on the item "CD/DVD ROM drives" right click on the devices and click "update Device Driver". hope this helped.

No, you can't save digital movies on a CD. You will need to burn the movies to a DVD storage device.

CD drive and DVD drives are used for computers to read and write all forms of data. There are CD/DVD ROM drives fro reading data only, a CD and DVD RW is used to read as well as write data on blank disks. Newaz.

Most DVD players will play a CD.

A floppy drive or a CD drive or a DVD drive.

Any dvd player will play audio cd's.So any device that would do this would be called a dvd player and not a cd player.

No, I don't think so. A CD-rw drive or a DVD-rw drive could not be used to burn DVD or CD. A DVD burner program is needed to burn DVD. I use a DVD burner to burn my movies and video to DVD successfully.

No, by default GX520 comes with a built-in device which is CD player and burner + DVD player.

You can save up to 700mb of data in a CD and 4gb of data in a DVD. It depends how much size is you USB Device like 4gb, 8gb or 32gb etc. So if you have a USB Device that can store more than 4gb of data than a normal DVD stores, you can use your USB device then.

a CD is like a DVD but the DVD cant be played in a radio and a CD cant be played in a DVD player

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