Can Eating Raw Potatoes make you ill?

In general, no they won't make you sick, though some people may get some diarrhea. It is best to peel the potato first though, and avoid green potatoes. A toxin in or just under the skin of the potato, called solanine, can cause nasty side effects. I have added a link below.

I think your partly wrong. Once you cook a potatoe all the vitamins and nutrients are gone and a ripe fully browned potatoe with the skin on it can be greatly enjoyed sliced, with a side of ranch dressing-it's great for your skin, once you cook them the vitamins and minerals are all nil and the previous answer is right that you get diarrhea, but only in the beginning, I was thinking I was shocking my system a little with some specific vitamin, possibly potassium. I have heard, read, and verified that once you cook a potatoe its like eating air and can only be bad for you fried, but the charts say that a 'cooked' potatoe will have the same high levels of vitamins, but it's not true, once you cook a potatoe it's no good . . .make sure you get rid of the eys, ers,and wash them good and you might start adding them to your salads raw.