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It is believed by some that it not only can, but is necessary in order to feed the world. Others believe it is not needed and offers no help in feeding the world,

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Q: Can GMO food help to feed the world?
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How does GMO food help people and your world?

There is no evidence that currently used GMO food is any more helpful to people or the world than non-GMO food. In fact, there is anecdotal evidence that GMO crops widely grown in the United States are actually harmful to the environment, health, biodiversity, and organic farming.

Why is there genetically modified food?

Different people have different opinions of why there is GMO food. Some say it is needed to help feed the world. Others believe it is nothing more than a way for corporations to increase their profits. Still others believe there is a sinister agenda for there being GMO foods.

Why not ban genetically modified food?

That is exactly what some people want to do; however, the issues surrounding the use of GMO foods are vast and banning them is not likely. Some claim GMO food is necessary in order to "feed the world."

Why was GMO food invented?

Some say GMO foods are needed to feed the world. Others believe money is the reason they were created, since most known GMO food crops are engineered to be resistant to herbicides (Round-up at this time) or to produce an insecticide in the plant itself.

How could genetically modified foods help world hunger?

In many parts of the world, hunger is not the result of lack of food in the world, but political and social issues. Unless those issues are dealt with and resolved, GMO or any other kind of food is not going to solve hunger in those areas. In addition, some countries that will accept non-GMO foods will not accept GMO foods, so GMO food will not help to solve the hunger in those countries.

Why is GMO food important?

Some say it is important because it is needed to feed the world. Others believe it is not only not needed to feed the world, but is detrimental to the environment and possibly to animal and human health.

How does organic food help diseases?

There is no proof that organic food helps disease, but it is free of preservatives, additives, and pesticides. unless it was cross pollinated by a GMO crop during growth, which can happen, it is also GMO-free.

What is the benefits of eating GMO food?

In regards to eating the GMO food, no there is no difference, but when you look at the ecological impact, GMO foods have benefit the earth by producing their own pesticide, which lowers the need for pesticides. GMO foods can also be resistant to some pesticides. I suggest watching the video by Kurzgesagt to find out more.

Why are they genetically modifing foods?

Some companies are no doubt genetically modifying foods because they genuinely want to improve food and help feed the starving in the world. Unfortunately, some companies appear to be genetically modifying foods because they can, and it is highly profitable for them to patent and sell their GMO varieties.

What are some reasons for introducing genetically modified food?

Some say GMO food is needed to feed the world, but many believe the herbicide resistant and Bt varieties that have been developed are nothing more than a profit source for the corporations that developed them.

What is known about the food production capabilities of GMO's?

GMO corn and soy are no more productive than non-GMO corn and soy.

What are the effects of GMO food?

The effects of GMO food is not yet known. Though some say there are no harmful effects, others question that and claim there is anecdotal evidence that GMO foods are harmful to health.

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