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Can Hulk die?


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No, it is impossible for the hulk to die. According to the original comics (not the newer movie the hulk cannot die. The hulk is a spirit not a person. It needs a person to "come out" The more you hurt the hulk the stronger the guy gets. So how do you kill something if it gets stronger when you hurt it. You practically can't. Even superman probably couldn't eventually superman would annoy the hulk of so much that the hulk would beat him up. The hulk also has very high speed regeneration.


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He died in the old Hulk movie Death of The Incredible Hulk

The hulk, Thor may be a god, but the hulk can't die/or it mite be a tie but the hulk will beat the hell out of thor

he didn't i believe he was the last one on earth in The End Hulk

Predicting the future is not possible but there is no reason to believe that Marvel will be killing off the Hulk for good. In the TV movie, The Death of the Incredible Hulk, the Hulk did indeed die in a plane explosion. He transformed back into Bruce Banner when he died.

Galactus is very stronger then hulk because he is huge and he eats the planet they can not die

Other than my wife, The Hulk probably. Doomsday did die, The Hulk remains alive and has never been killed.

Yes.He has been killed several times.

No way Wolverine would kill him!!!!!!!!!!!! Not true. The Hulk would win because in this movie called the Hulk vs Wolverine the Hulk kicked Wolverine's butt. Even though Wolverine has healing factor he can still get knocked out. The only way Wolverine could kill the Hulk is if the Hulk was Bruce Banner, but even if Wolverine stabbed Bruce he would get angry and turn into the Hulk before he would die then when he turned into the Hulk the Hulk would heal.

he grows to fat one day and eventully bursts

that's tough. sure hulk could punch deadpool halfway across the planet or the universe and deadpools weapons couldn't phase hulk but dp cant die. its kind of hard to win in a death match against someone who cant die. hulk would probably rip dp apart and leave and dp would regenerate.

Juggernaut. He cannot die. He cannot be hurt. and he is inexhaustible. Juggernaut has beaten Hulk in nearly every instance they've fought. Infact Hulk only wins when he has help or Juggernaut loses his powers. -That is a little bit fabricated. Juggernaut beat The Hulk one time out of all the times they fought and that was when the Hulk was his weakest (Professor Hulk) Incarnation.

No. Marvel has not killed off the Hulk for good in the comics or in the movie timeline. Deadpool did kill Bruce Banner as well as everyone else in the Marvel universe. In the Old Man Logan story, an older Hulk does die when Logan emerges from his stomach after the Hulk swallows him whole.

he was hit by a garbage truck driven by a runaway hulk

all the hulk games are hulk ultimate destruction and normal hulk

red hulk the only reason green hulk wins is that red hulk over heats and hulk takes over the opportunity but in reality you know red hulk wins

No, she-hulk is his cousin, He marry's betty.

Red Hulk could beat Hulk?

Green Hulk defeated Red Hulk in one comic I cannot name it but I do know that Green Hulk killed Red Hulk and said "There is only one Hulk!! And its color is green!!"

Hulk HoganNo! Hulk has more muscles and the hogan is just a wrestler

hulk is in incredible hulk ,return of the incredible hulk, hulk,incredible hulk {2008},plus part in avengers,ultimate avengers,avengers 2,the next avenger heroes of the tomorrow, the death of the incredible hulk, the trail of the incredible hulk. not in order

green hulk lost the first round and then smashed the red hulk in their second round..... HULK SMASH!

The red hulk overheated and the hulk took advantage of this and beat him down.But in reality the Red Hulk actually won.

Hulk never became the Red Hulk. Red Hulk is Betty Ross' father: General Thunderbolt Ross.

spider hulk he gets the powers of spider man and hulk and plus who said he didn't have the symbiont toxin on spider hulk eventually wins and kills hulk

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