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yes, but you would have to sitten in the SUN ALL DAY.

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Can hydrogen peroxide lighten arm hair?

Yes, hydrogen peroxide can be used for lightening hair. However, it will also bleach skin and probably then is not advisable for use on the arms.

Is agua oxinada safe for skin whitening?

Agua oxinada is also known as hydrogen peroxide. It can lighten the skin only slightly. If it is left on too long, it will burn the skin.

Is agua oxinada good for skin whitening?

Yes, Agua oxinada is good for skin whitening. It contains hydrogen peroxide which is known to help lighten darker skin slightly.

What medical techniques are available for skin lightening?

There are several medical techniques available for skin lightening. A person can rub Vitamin C on their skin to help it. Also Hydrogen Peroxide can help lighten skin.

How do you use hydrogen peroxide to remove dark spots on your skin?

To use hydrogen peroxide to remove dark spots on your skin, you will have to buy hydrogen peroxide that is sold in your local beauty supply store. Apply it to the dark spots and let it sit for several minutes. No more than ten. Rinse it off and over the course of a few days, the spots should lighten.

Can you mix hydrocortisone with hydrogen peroxide on your skin?

Yes. It will speed up the bleaching process if you are trying to lighten your skin. But do not cake the hydrocortisone onto the spot after the peroxide is applied because it will cause the skin to become raw and rub off easily. Literally losing the top layer of your skin.

If you splash hydrogen peroxide in your mouth what do you do?

It is very dangerous because hydrogen peroxide is corrosive and destroy the skin.

Why is it important for humans to get rid of hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidizing agent and can be dangerous for skin and eyes.

Why does hydrogen peroxide kill bacteria but not human skin cells?

Hydrogen Peroxide does kill newer human skin cells, and can increase the chance of scarring because of it.

Will hydrogen peroxide heal a cold sore?

No, and because hydrogen peroxide is damaging to developing skin cells, it can delay healing.

What does hydrogen peroxide help?

Mainly goes on your skin.

What way can you lighten body hair for little or no money?

u could try lemon juice . but to do that your skin must be exposed to the sun also lemon juice could damage your skin. also you could try using hydrogen peroxide.

Can hydrogen peroxide be applied after skin biopsy?

Hydrogen peroxide is a very drying solution, and can impede, or interfere with the natural healing process. You should only use Hydrogen Peroxide on a wound if directed by a medical physician.

Can peroxide cause burns?

Yes, pure hydrogen peroxide can cause burns when it comes into contact with the skin.

When hydrogen peroxide is poured on a cut on a persons skin the hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen gas what type of change is this?

This is a chemical reaction. A decomposition reaction.

Does hydrogen peroxide dry out skin?

Luckly, it does not but, it still can harm your skin. It is dangerous if you mix other chemicals in it!

How do you get silver nitrate off your skin?

Hydrogen peroxide fades it or removes stain.

Why does hydrogen peroxide bubble when it is poured on a skin cut?

The reason hydrogen peroxide bubbles when it is put on a cut is because most cells in the body contain catalase. Hydrogen peroxide bubbles when it comes in to contact with catalase. The bubbles are oxygen gas being released.

Is hydrogen peroxide good to apply on bruises for recovery?

No. Hydrogen peroxide is used on wounds for its antiseptic properties. If the skin hasn't been broken, there's no reason to use an antiseptic.

Prescribe medication with Hydrogen Peroxide?

Though the chemical reactions with other elements is in doubt not known to me ,since I'm not a chemist,Hydrogen Peroxide kills healthy skin cells of the epidermis and germs when pouring it to a cut as usual first-aid procedures . But that is all I know, I tested this by pouring hydrogen peroxide on my skin without an open wound and resulted with dead cells on a section of my epidrmis (skin).

Does hydrogen peroxide 3 percent help remove dark spots on your skin?


Will hydrogen peroxide burn your face?

Pure hydrogen peroxide certainly can cause chemical burns if it touches your skin. Hydrogen peroxide you buy from a drugstore is typically about 3% hydrogen peroxide and 97% water. As far as your skin is concerned, as long as you're not actually bathing in it it's not all that different from 100% water. You should be careful with even the dilute stuff around your eyes and mouth though; the mucous membranes are much more sensitive.

Can you use peroxide after extraction?

Hydrogen peroxide can be used after an extraction but it may irritate the skin. Estheticians recommend using a mild toner instead.

Does your skin lighten over time?

If your skin is not exposed to sunlight again the skin pigment will lighten.

Can sulfur lighten skin?

Yes, there is something in Sulfur to help lighten skin.

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