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Man! I have a like question. I need a sponsor for book signings.

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2014-01-10 20:54:14
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Q: Can I get a sponsor to pay for my book to be publish?
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How much do you have to pay to publish your book?

It depends on where you send your book.Usually the publishing company will pay you the rights to publish your book, but to get into the publishing company to gate your book reviewed, you have to pay usually a minimum of $100.

Can a 10 year old girl publish a book for free?

If your book is well written, the publisher will pay you for it! Click the links to see how to publish a book

How do you publish a book when you are only eleven?

You publish a book the same way no matter how old you are: finish the book and have it professionally edited so it is the best book you can possibly make. Then send it to publishers who want that sort of book and see which publisher will buy it and publish it!Of course, you can always pay to publish books yourself, but why do that when you can sell the book and get money for it?

How much do you have to pay to publish a book?

You should not be paying anything! The book publisher will pay you if you submit a book that they like. If you publish your own books, you need to look online for prices, because they change frequently. Just google "Self Publishing."

How do you publish a manga?

You can publish a manga like how you publish a book (a picture book more of).

Do you need to pay for sponsor?

no, a sponsor pays for your talent. you dont pay them anything but you do have to advertise

How do you publish your fantasy novel for free?

If you sell your book to a publisher, they pay you. That's what publishing is all about.

How do you get a book printed in book form?

You have to send it to a publishing company. If they like it, they'll pay you for it and publish it. If they don't lie it, they'll send you a rejection letter.

Does pick n pay sponsor community soup kitchens?

yes pick n pay sponsor soup kitchens

Can you give me a sentence containing the word publish?

You have to publish this book.

What is called when you publish a book after you die?

posthumouslyActually it's very hard for you to publish a book after you die. What happens is somebody will publish yourbook after you die.

What does sponsor mean on urban rivals?

What sponsor means on urban rivals is that you have to pay him/her $100,000.

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